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English Christmas Immersion Day
On Monday this week, the very first English Immersion Day was held in the ERC Foyer. The day was designed as a reward for those students from Years 7 to 11 who were awarded ‘English Star of The Month’ for October or November.

Students selected for ‘English Star of The Month’ were nominated by their English teacher based on several different categories including Academic Excellence, Consistent Effort or Special Commendation for Diligence. Students then participated in the reward Immersion Day led by Mrs Titheradge and Ms Nowalinksi. The day was divided into three sessions, each themed around Christmas. In the morning session, students repurposed old books from the College book room, turning them into a Paperback Christmas Tree and decorating them. In session two, the students were treated to a Christmas movie and in session three, students tested their Christmas knowledge with three very competitive rounds of Christmas Trivia.

The day was a great success and a lot of fun. The students were treated to recess, lunch, drinks and made their own Christmas Cookies and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate as they relaxed and watched the film.

Many boys expressed what a wonderful time they had at the Immersion Day, and head organiser Mrs Titheradge said she is looking forward to upcoming Immersion Days in 2023, all which will be themed around literary ideas and books.

If you are interested in gaining an invite to an upcoming Immersion Day, the only way to secure an invitation is to do your best in English and gain a nomination and award for ‘English Star of The Month’ in 2023.