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Edmund Rice Camps
Edmund Rice Camps provide recreational week long and weekend camps for underprivileged children and teens.

Below is a thank you to our students and past students from Camp organisers.

Our January school holiday programs are a particularly difficult time for us, and in 2019 we required the help of 115 different volunteers.

We were so lucky to have the support of current St Edward’s students Mathew Sturt, Mitchell Spry, Brent Mayol and Cooper Boelhouwer during this time. They were a fantastic addition to our  community, bringing a whole heap of new energy, leadership and awesome skills, as well as an empathetic grounding and commitment to social justice.

Additionally, we were fortunate to be able to rely on the experience of returning College old boys Andrew Leonard, Mathew Sharpe, Hammish Loader, Owen Chaperon, Liam Meggs, and David Stockwell who continue to make significant contributions to camps.

Thank you to all involved and to the College for their continued support.