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Drama Club
Ms Atayde from the English faculty has started a Drama Club at the College, taking place fortnightly during lunch. Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 come together in the Drama Space to play improvisation and team building games. The aim of the club is to build confidence in performance skills and speech delivery.

Each year group in English either study a play or deliver a speech throughout their time at the school. Year 7 study excerpts from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer’s Nights Dream’ as well as a variety of other drama texts; Year 8 deliver a speech based on the film ‘Hunt For the Wilderpeople’ with one option being the delivery of a monologue; Year 9 study Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’; Year 10 study a variety of plays ranging from Shakespeare to more contemporary plays like ‘Away’ by Michael Gow, while Year 11 and 12 Advanced English focus on the Shakespearean History plays. It is hoped that this early exposure to drama, the codes, conventions and fun of the genre will establish an understanding of the skills needed for dramatic study.

Students are encouraged to be as creative, and of course, as dramatic as they like during the club. The creation of different characters and scenarios has been the focus so far as well as working as a group to create scenes. Moving forward, students will develop their theatre sports skills and create short skits working with scripts, props, and lighting. In Drama Club students are encouraged to be loud, energetic and think outside the box. Ms Atayde said she was pleased with the level of enthusiasm and engagement from the students who had attended the club so far and she is looking forward to the group growing and developing into 2023.

The Drama Club doors are always open! No experience is necessary – you just need an interest in Drama and English plus a sense of excitement. If you would like to see what Drama Club is all about, please join us Monday’s Week B at lunch time in the Drama Space.