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Computing Studies

It has been a very busy start to 2022 for the Computing Studies classes this year. We have managed to get classes across all subjects and have been joined once again by students from St Joseph’s College in Industrial Technology (Multimedia).  It is great to see the students back in the classroom and enjoying using just some of the equipment we have available.

Year 12 Information Process and Technology have been very busy designing their computer network. The boys are given plans and must use their knowledge, and a whole lot of research, to plan and design a computer network. They are given a budget of around $1 000 000 and generally they see just what a structure takes to get up to standard. Some great work has been handed in and I look forward to reading through so many of the creative ideas the boys come up with.

Year 12 Industrial Technology (Multimedia) have been hard at work on their Industry Study reports and working towards their check-ins of their major works at the end of Term. The Industry Study takes the form of a multimodal presentation outlining the features and components of the workplace as well as the technical and organisational factors. The Multimedia Industry has so many moving parts, quite often the students are very surprised by the range of careers and roles available in the industry.

2022 has seen the return of Software Design in Year 11. We have quite a large class and many budding software developers. So far, we have been developing some organisational skills and gaining an understanding as to how data is used and managed by the hardware and software. Our upcoming tasks include building dual boot pc’s and installing applications remotely before embarking on a Python mission.

In the Junior years of 9 and 10 the boys are working hard on projects. Year 10 are writing, editing, and producing a TV commercial. As part of the task, they learn to understand the role of storyboards, scripts, and even camera filming techniques. In the second stage of the project, they will learn the postproduction side of digital media and edit the commercial and add effects in Adobe After Effects.

Finally, the younger members of our subject are starting on their journey using HTML5 and CSS. They are creating websites that can be skinned with a new CSS design giving a very different look and feel, they all seem to be enjoying the challenge and trying to make the page design match their own thinking. A great start for our Year 9 students.

We look forward to a very busy and productive year.