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Community Notices – 21 March 2024

Did you know that what we eat plays a crucial role in our overall wellbeing? From mood to behaviour and even learning, the impact of food is profound.

That’s why we’re excited to share some insightful food-related findings with you today, and a great lunchbox snack recipe for your school newsletter and socials.

Lunchbox food impacts brain function
Latest research in nutrition highlights the significant effects of ultra-processed foods on brain function, mood regulation, and overall health. 🧠🍎 In this short (<2min) video, Professor Felice Jacka delves into this topic, supported by various scientific studies linked to in this article.

Ultra-processed foods, typically found in packets, tins, or jars, are laden with six or more ingredients, and contain ingredients you are unable to buy for a home pantry. 😱  Our analysis of lunchbox data from over 20,000 samples across 90 Australian schools revealed that the average lunchbox contains 2.3 packaged items, most of which fall into the ultra-processed category.

This means that many children may unknowingly be eating foods that could impede their ability to focus and learn effectively.

But fear not! As a trusted education partner with over a decade of experience, we’re here to support you. Our focus is helping parents to simplify feeding their family and feeling great about it, by ADDING in foods rather than restricting.

Lunchbox Snack Recipe Card
To kickstart this journey, we’re delighted to share this Chocolate Protein Bliss Balls that both children and parents love.🍫 This nourishing snack includes ingredients that contain good sources of protein, fibre and healthy fats. These help keep tummies feeling fuller for longer, and help stabilise blood sugars which reduces the chances of concentration crashing.

🚀 Download the recipe here