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Celebrating Maths Week
This year Maths Week was held in Week 7, 13-17 March.

Each day, in the student notices, a Maths puzzle was displayed for all students to attempt. During lunch time, activities were organised in the Library for students to participate in and get that Math’s brain thinking. Activities included  mathematics of chance, the numbers game and a knockout chess tournament.

All week numerous students supported these activities and the organisers of Maths Week appreciated their support and participation.

On Wednesday 15 March all Year 8 Mathematics classes participated in the external program Inquisitive Minds. The Inquisitive Minds team ran each class through a series of Mathematical problem solving challenges that required students to use and apply their knowledge and skills to successfully attempt and solve activities presented. At times, as I watched students in the ERC participate in the program, their enthusiasm to work with a peer and solve problems in a time constraint manner was inspiring. Congratulations to all Year 8 students who participated on the day and as some students commented, prizes offered such as chocolate was a clear incentive to produce successful outcomes!

On Friday, Maths Week was wrapped up with a full school assembly in the ERC. A summary of the week, including photos displayed on screen, informed the school community of the many activities conducted during the week. Then the annual Pi recital competition was held. Students who participated in recital had to state a digit in the Pi sequence as the microphone moved from student to student. This required students to be able to recall Pi to a significant number of places but also concentrate on where the sequence was up to when it came to their turn to recite the next number.

Congratulations to the eventual winner Max Corrigan in Year 10 and our runner up Hoi Tin Ho in Year 7.

The organisation and running of the week would not be possible without the help of a number of staff and students. Kerry Friend for photography, the Library staff, the Academic portfolio chaired by Ms Elena Atayde and Year 12 students Kenan Fonseka, William Lynch, Oliver  Martin, Bradley Plummer and Thomas Whitmore, my thanks for your organisation and assistance running events throughout the week.

Thank you to Mr Alex Isbester for his tireless enthusiasm and organisation of the inquisitive minds incursion for Year 8, as well as Mr Frank Samyia and other staff members for their support during the week.

In summary a very successful week showcasing Mathematics at the College.

Mr Richard Massey
Leader of Learning Mathematics