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Scholarships Now Open

We have over $3 million worth of grants and scholarships to help students realise their full potential.
It was recently announced students commencing their studies in 2023 are also eligible for a further $4 million in accommodation scholarships. Students who received an early offer through the Charles Sturt Advantage are currently being assessed and will be notified if they are successful for this scholarship.

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Good Universities Guide

This is the sixth consecutive year that Charles Sturt has topped the Good Universities Guide’s undergraduate full-time employment ranking.

Data published in the latest edition reveals that 85 per cent of Charles Sturt undergraduate students are in full-time employment within four months of graduating, with a median graduate salary of $64,100 in their first year of work.

Both figures are the best among Australia’s 39 universities.

Charles Sturt – Number 1 Preference

We’d like to assure your students they’re making a great decision when preferencing Charles Sturt number one on their UAC application.

If your students haven’t already, they can adjust their preferences to ensure they have the best possible chance at securing a place at Charles Sturt.

We’ve collated some FAQ’s, some helpful information and some guidance for your Year 12 students below to help them make the best decision.

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Living on Campus

Make connections, build a community and get immersed in campus life – these are a few of the perks of living on campus.

As well as the obvious benefits, we also offer 24-hour security, student support, meal plans at some of our campuses and plenty of inclusions for your students to make the transition from high school to uni easily.

Your students may also be eligible for a guaranteed place. To be eligible, students must complete their application by 31 December 2022.

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Students who applied direct to ANU should have accepted any September offers by Wednesday 5 October 2022.

The complete timeline for 2022 applications is available at click here


Reminder: Accepting their September offer ensures it will be waiting for the student at the end of the year; students will be able to make their ultimate decisions (including accepting, deferring or declining) when final confirmations are made in December/January.

  • ACADEMIC OFFERS: Accepted the program they were offered
    • Change of preference will run from Tuesday 1 November – Sunday 18 December
    • If changing program preferences, keep your accepted program on your preference list; this program can be dropped down the list as needed
  • ACCOMMODATION OFFERS: Accepted the accommodation they were offered, even if it was not their preferred location
    • Students who don’t accept their offered accommodation will fall out of the ANU Accommodation Guarantee
    • After accepting their accommodation offer, students will be able to request a change of accommodation preference following instructions that will be sent via email
      • Please note: a request to change accommodation is NOT guaranteed.
      • ANU Accommodation will consider student requests and make changes if there are places available and where a change does not adversely affect the diversity of any given residence.
    • Additional information about accommodation offers for direct applicants can be found at click here
  • SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS: Accepted any and all scholarships offered
    • Students cannot make any changes to the scholarships section of their application.
    • If a student missed out on a scholarship with their direct application and would like to be considered for other awards, they can check the ANU website and apply for available awards individually – click here


Important: Direct applicants should be aware of the following

  • Students who submitted an ANU direct application, whether they received a September offer or not, DO NOT need to include ANU degrees in their UAC preferences. Direct Applicants can manage their preferences through the application portal as outlined above.
  • ALL Direct Applicants will have an opportunity to receive a new offer in December (ACT & NSW HSC) or January (Other States and IB)
    • If students are happy with and have accepted their September offer, this offer will be confirmed in Dec/Jan once the student finished year 12 and receives an ATAR
      • They do not need to achieve a specific ATAR to keep their September offer, but they should be aware of any prerequisite subject requirements as listed on ANU Programs & Courses, and/or any additional selection criteria for their desired degrees
      • We recommend moving this accepted program to their first preference if they do not want to be considered for other programs.
    • If students would like to be considered for a higher preference
      • Put/leave their most preferred program first
      • Keep the accepted program on their preference list; it can be dropped down the list as needed
      • ANU will use the student’s best score to assess their application in Dec/Jan, from either their ANU Selection Rank based on Year 11 results or their ATAR/IB Score
      • If a student is eligible for a higher preference, and if there are spaces available in their preferred degree, students can receive a new offer (Note: this offer will REPLACE their September offer)
      • If ANU cannot make them a new offer, their offered program from September will be confirmed


ANU programs are available in UAC for applications for Semester 1, 2023.

  • Students need to include their co-curricular activities with appropriate documentation: click here
    • ANU has supplementary forms available which students can use when submitting their documents (if their existing documents are already in the correct format, they DO NOT have to use these forms)
    • Co-Curricular Documentation Template: click here
  • Students who want accommodation should apply via the ANU website – click here
    • Applications for Semester 1 2023 opened as of Thursday 1 September 2022
    • Students who want to be covered by the ANU Accommodation Guarantee need to apply be 11:59PM Tuesday 20 December 2022
  • Students interested in scholarships can check the ANU website and apply for available awards individually – click here



Our campus tours currently operate during school holidays; these are general outdoor tours (i.e. students are not able to look inside residences at this time).

Booking pages for tours tend to be published around two weeks before holidays are due to start.

ANU also has several virtual tours online for the campus generally and for our residences.

You can find further information about in-person and virtual campus tours at click here

Our team is allowed to have school groups on campus again for general tours and some enrichment activities.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss bringing a group of students to visit ANU.


Please save the date for ANU Open Day – Saturday 18 March 2023. This event has been moved earlier in the year in order to align more closely with the ANU Direct Application, allowing students to see the campus and ask their questions while applications are open.



HSC Study Lab is an online learning and teaching resource for year 11 and year 12 students and teachers. These courses are based on the aims and objectives of the NSW syllabus and are available online 24/7.

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Portfolio Entry Looks Beyond ATAR

Here at UNSW, we understand that the ATAR is only one measure of a student’s potential to succeed at university. That’s why we offer UNSW Portfolio Entry, which gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their passion and talent, alongside their ATAR. 

Who can apply?
All domestic applicants who are applying for an eligible degree and expecting an ATAR within 10 points of the lowest selection rank for their degree (unless stated otherwise).

Which degrees are eligible under Portfolio Entry?
In 2023 we’ve increased the number of degrees that are eligible for Portfolio Entry. The eligible degrees fall under four schemes:

  1. Arts, Design & Architecture Portfolio Entry
    2. Bachelor of Information Systems Admissions Scheme
    3. Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme
    4. Medicine & Health Portfolio Entry

To see a full list of eligible degrees, follow the link below.

View eligible degrees 

What needs to be submitted in a portfolio?
This will depend on the degree that your students are interested in. Students may be asked to include a creative portfolio, cover letter, personal statement, interview, school report or a short video.

View submission requirements