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Exciting New Diplomas have landed for 2022!

With the overwhelming success and positive feedback we have received from the Diploma in Engineering that commenced in 2021, we have some new diplomas available to study in 2022. These include:

Diploma in Arts and Social Science

Diploma in Business

Diploma in Built Environment

Diploma in Environmental Science

Diploma in Education Studies

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Science

The diplomas are a great option for your students that may not get the ATAR for direct entry into the program of their choice. Students can apply for the diplomas via their UAC preferences. Including the diplomas under their dream Bachelor degree program, followed by Open Foundation as the final preference, provides the students with a suitable backup option.

Top 5 benefits of studying a diploma

1   Up to 80 credit points towards an undergraduate degree

2   Guaranteed entry into the diploma’s related Bachelor’s program

3   Provides academic literacy, research and discipline-specific skills

4   Study at your own pace one year full-time or part-time

5   Access to academic learning support, counselling and peer support