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Camp Girri Girra
Stage 5 Immersion into the art, knowledge, country, and cultural practices of First Nations people.

Before starting our Art unit on Abstracted Nature, students came together to learn cultural practices that would allow them to fully respect and understand First Nations people and their art.

This included immersion on Country, learning bush food and medicine, learning communication skills such as hearing with your whole body, and taking time to respond respectfully. We investigated making tools and fire, the different uses of bark, sap, and charcoal. We also examined First Nations astrology and decided we were ready to delve deeper into qualities such as trust in each other.

“From the Girri Girra Camp we were immersed in Aboriginal traditions and culture. Tim was really insightful and treated us like equals, making us feel comfortable and relaxed. During the camp we learnt about plants and their uses in medicine – bandages, antiseptic, natural pain relief, and also how nature can be used to make art-dye, ochre painting, etc. We went on multiple bush walks, strengthening our bond to the land by learning how to respect mother earth. Whilst learning about culture, we also got to see ancient carvings and paintings, dating back to 12,000 years ago! Tim taught us how to relax and meditate, needing nothing more then nature and our surrounds”.

By Jack Lawrence

“During the Girri Girra Camp, we explored what being Aboriginal would have been like 10’s of thousands of years ago through discovering and identifying historical sites. Tim also introduced us to the unique religious practices of Aboriginal Australia as well as the customs that the Aboriginal people have among countries. Things such as introductory ceremonies and names were told to us as well as the deity’s that they worship and confide in. This camp gave us a closer connection with nature and helped us experience things that they would have not prior to the camp.”

By Charlie Dawson