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Brilliance in Performing Arts
Last week was a huge week in performance for several of our creative musicians and actors.

YIPA (Youth in Performing Arts) a showcase of excellence in Performing Arts which runs at Laycock St Theatre, saw many of our students on the stage over four nights including some of our amazing behind the scenes Year 12 Vet Entertainment students who crewed each night.

Congratulations to Taylin Burgess of Year 12 Music, Lachlan Herd of Year 10 Drama who performed his own monologue and James Nilsson of Year 12 Music. All three boys took to the stage as solo performers displaying incredible composure. The Year 11 band headed by Leon Towel and consisting of Sasha Byrne, Matthew Frost Foster, Domenic Fatone, Kai Maitland and Charlie Jacobsen with back up vocals from Olivia and Charlotte Year 11 St Joseph’s continued to energise the theatre with their upbeat reprise of Viva la Vida.

In other exciting news Year 12 music student Kalen Hogan launched his debut album “Isolation”.

Whilst Kalen is inspired by 1990’s grunge bands including Nirvana, he considers himself as an alternative indie rock singer/songwriter. Kalen’s thoughtful observations on life’s complexities are interwoven into his music. You can listen to Kalen’s music on Spotify.

Well done to all performers.