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Breakfast with Books is Back
Breakfast With Books: A Fun Start to the Day

Breakfast With Books kicked off in Week 5 in Room 57, led by Mrs Titheradge, and offering boys a morning experience combining reading and breakfast. Held every Wednesday morning, this group provides students with an opportunity to enjoy their favourite books while indulging in delicious breakfast treats, including the popular Nutella Overnight Oats.

To enhance the organisation and structure of the club, Mrs Titheradge introduced a membership system this year including a membership card and contract. This addition ensures a more formalised approach to participation and facilitates smoother operations. Additionally, new membership openings each term allow for continuous enrolment, welcoming fresh faces regularly.

Breakfast With Books fosters a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment among attendees. It serves as a space not only for reading but also for sharing stories, and forming friendships. This dual focus on literature and community creates a welcoming environment where students can connect over their shared love for books.

Participation in Breakfast With Books offers numerous benefits for high school boys. Aside from the pleasure of reading and the enjoyment of delicious breakfast offerings, the event provides an opportunity to look after our mental health. Time off devices has been shown to have a positive impact on mood and outlook.

Breakfast With Books continues to be a highlight for our boys. Through its inclusive atmosphere and enjoyable activities, the event leaves a lasting impact on participants, enriching their school experience and fostering a love for reading.