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Book Week
For the second year in a row Book Week was a virtual experience due to the COVID19 pandemic.

But this wasn’t going to stop the library staff from celebrating our favourite week of the year! We certainly missed seeing you all dress up and get your picture taken in the photo booth, watching you try to conquer the escape room in record time, and keeping quiet while you huddle around the notice board and ask us what the answers are for the quiz of the day. Instead, we had to settle for some online quizzes that Year 7 took part in with great enthusiasm – except for the dressing up as your favourite character, only Miss Moulton and Miss Moon took it to that level.

We had some great entries for the competitions: guess the book, match the book to the book world, match the book to the food, and take a pic of your pet with a book. It was great to see Year 7 really engage with the activities and talk about books with enjoyment. Hopefully next year we get to celebrate it together in our wonderful library that we all miss so much.

Thank you also to the English Faculty and Academic Portfolio who assisted with some Book Week competitions.

From The Library

Congratulations to the competition winners:

Emanuel Soares
Byron Hubble
Will Ferrari
Keppel Harris
Benjamin Stewart
George Barry
Liam Sicard
Maximillian Young
Oliver Staples
Lachlan Roach
Sebastian Monteleone

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