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Be Bus Aware
Bus Safety Week reminds all road users to ‘be bus aware’.

Our school bus operator, Busways, is reminding all road users, parents, and students to ‘be bus
aware’ as part of Transport for NSW’s Bus Safety Week campaign, running Feb 19 – 25.

Part of the ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign, Bus Safety Week sees Governments, bus operators, and
emergency services raise awareness about the importance of being safe in and around buses and
spread the message to ‘Be Bus Aware’.

Busways Managing Director Byron Rowe said motorists need to be aware that buses are large and
heavy vehicles that cannot stop quickly.

“When a bus is forced to brake heavily it can cause passengers to be thrown around inside the
bus,” he said. “During Bus Safety Week we are educating the community to give buses room and
not pull out in front of them. We all have a part to play in bus safety, whether you’re a pedestrian,
motorist or bus passenger.”

Bus Safety Week provides a timely reminder to parents to have a talk with their children about
bus safety; to motorists when giving way to buses; to pedestrians to make sure they are alert of
their surroundings; and to cyclists to ensure they can see where buses are.

The ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign has been developed with input from Bus NSW, NSW Police and
Transport for NSW.