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Author and Artist Visits Visual Arts
Preliminary Visual Arts is an exciting year – we have the freedom to ‘play’ with various artistic media and extend our learning and knowledge of Visual Arts in many ways.

Recently we were privileged to have Author Rae Hogan visit the class and spend some time discussing the art and practice of her artist husband, Ron. She also spent some time discussing with the boys their own artistic practice and how they are approaching their HSC Body of Work.

Rae has had a fascinating life, living and breathing the artwork of her husband, as they moved from Australia, to the UK and to Bali. She has lived a large part of her life promoting the work of Ron, who is amongst the same genre of artists in Australia as Long, Drysdale, Lindsay and others.

Rae wrote the first “Lonely Planet Guide to Bali for the Australian Government in the early 70’s and has also written “Of Dreams Unborn” – an anthology of the life and works of Ron Hogan. A copy of this text was given to the boys as a class and other copies were given to the school library for their Catalogue collection.

It is these moments with highly engaging and inspirational people that drives the boys to think further outside their comfort zone, in preparation for their HSC year.