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Any Clown Can Do It -Junior Technology
Any Clown Can Do It – Junior Technology Video Series

The Any Clown Can Do It. Junior Technology Video Series is a work in progress consisting of 2 episodes at present. Sometimes it isn’t possible to find resources that are totally relevant to the work that our Technology Mandatory students are currently engaged in. The videos are an attempt to facilitate learning in a condensed and entertaining manner. There is a page of questions in the student’s workbooks to accompany each video allowing students to pause the clip and answer questions as they go. Thanks to our Director and Camerman Mr Buxton for shooting the footage and our Production Manager Mrs Saxon for the hours put into editing the clips into the final product you see before you. Stay tuned over the coming months for future episodes where your resident Clown (Mr Bondfield) will be honing his juggling skills, attempting to ride a clown cycle and learning a few tough WH&S lessons from his mistakes which should provide more amusing post credit bloopers.