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Angus O’Malley’s ArtExpress Entry 2021
Congratulations to Angus O’Malley of our graduating HSC year for his acceptance into ArtExpress for 2021.

ArtExpress is a student exhibition run by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, showcasing the work of the highest achievers in Visual Arts for NSW for the year. Angus has been chosen as a high achiever in Visual Arts using his Photography work titled, “Amorphous”.

This work is a Photomedia piece consisting of 20-30 images and a photobook. The images were taken using HP5 Black and White Film, processed using traditional darkroom techniques, printed onto paper and then digitized using a scanner. The works were then printed onto Stonehenge cream buff photographic paper as well as printed onto silk and cotton. The photobook is approximately 5 x 7 inches in size and consists of approximately 40 images overlaid with silk prints.

The work is displayed hanging suspended from jute line and attached with natural pegs. Smaller images are photocopied onto watercolour paper postcards. The photography technique consists of “pushing and pulling” the film using long exposure and various ISO and film speed settings.

The concept of the work centres around the theme of “Amorphous” – moments in time and traditional synapses being overtaken by contemporary memories and experiences. All of these moments are amorphous and fleeting. The personal world of the artist is reflected in the people in shadowy forms in the work, as well as samples from their location and surroundings such as the coastline and people sitting around a fire as part of the surf culture and world in which they belong.

Angus will have his work expertly curated with the team at Maitland Art Gallery, who have an exceptional photographic reputation. The work will be on display for the beginning months of 2021, hanging beside the artworks of some of Australia’s most famous artists – so please make sure you take the time to visit the Gallery and see the work in situ.

Congratulations to Angus who has demonstrated work of an outstanding level of achievement and depth!