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Le Tour de France
At the beginning of Term 3, Year 8 French classes studied a cultural unit on Le Tour de France – a race that would ordinarily almost be over by the start of term, but due to the COVID pandemic it was delayed in France until August/September.

This allowed us time to study and then follow the race, cheering on teams and riders we’d learnt about. The boys completed an assessment task in pairs, researching a rider of choice and writing a script in French of an interview between a sports reporter on French TV and their chosen rider. They then donned costumes, including an official Tour de France maillot jaune (yellow leader’s jersey) and filmed their interview in front of a green screen, adding a background of choice, sound/visual effects, and English subtitles. In this task they were practicing vocabulary they’ve learnt through the year, such as greetings, introducing themselves, saying numbers and the date, and describing pastimes. Some examples of their excellent, creative videos are attached here for your enjoyment. Later in the term the boys learned about meals and ordering food/drink in a café or restaurant. Once again, they had the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice and improve their pronunciation and confidence by acting out a little scene. We look forward to another fun term of French ahead!