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2024 College Swimming Carnival

2024 College Swimming Carnival

As advertised in the annual calendar, we will be conducting our swimming carnival on Friday 9 February at the Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy.

Information regarding the carnival will be communicated to the boys at the first assembly of the 2024 school year on Friday week 1.  Below are some important practical details regarding the carnival:


  • Normal school buses will run in the morning / afternoon and students will catch a bus from the College to the pool and back again in the afternoon.
  • Other students may make their own way to the carnival if appropriate. All boys making their own way to the carnival need to be at the pool by 8.45am, unless they are competing in the 200m events (see next point).
  • Any student competing in 200m events need to be at the pool by 8.30 am at the very latest. Buses will not be at the pool by 8.30 am so these students will need to make their own transport arrangements.
  • All students requiring afternoon bus transport will return by bus to the College and catch the afternoon school buses under supervision as normal.


For identification purposes, it is imperative that all students in Years 7 – 10 attend the carnival in their College sports uniform as they would do on a normal Friday.  They can change into their colour house clothes at the pool.  Only Years 11 and 12 are allowed to wear mufti/casual clothing.

General Directions

  • As maximum participation is the aim of the day, points will be allocated for every student entering an event. Any boy who attends the carnival is required to participate by:
    • Swimming in all events appropriate to his ability level;
    • Assisting teaching staff in conducting the carnival in some capacity ie: official duties;
  • For supervision purposes when boys are not in races, they are to remain in the stands grouped according to their age divisions. Only the Years 10,11 and 12 will be permitted to gather on the grassed area.
  • Boys need to be equally prepared for cool or warmer weather and bring appropriate sun protection ie sunscreen, as the marshalling area is outdoors.
  • Limited canteen facilities will be available – boys are encouraged to bring their own food & drink for the day.
  • It is imperative that students do not bring large sums of money or valuable equipment such as airpods etc. In these situations, it is impossible for the College to take responsibility for items that may go missing.
  • As the carnival is held indoors, it will be held even in the event of obvious inclement weather.
  • Boys who live locally or who are being picked up by their parents can leave to go home directly from the pool at the conclusion of the carnival, which should be at 2.15 pm. No boy will be permitted to leave the pool precinct prior to the conclusion of the carnival, as rolls need to be marked and the usual important formalities carried out.  I particularly ask that we have parental co-operation in this matter.
  • Parents, carers and relatives are more than welcome to attend on the day however it is recommended you bring your own chair as seating is at a premium.
  • The College Prefects and Leaders will be required at the pool early in the day to assist with carnival set up and again at the end of the day to assist with packing up of the carnival.

The co-operation of boys and their families with these guidelines will ensure that it is an enjoyable day for all in attendance.

Mr Mark Bonnici
College Principal