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$20 Boss Program
The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Automation, globalisation and more flexible working arrangements are rapidly reshaping our economy and work.

By 2030 every single job across the economy is going to look different. In this future, our young people are predicted to have an average of 17 different jobs over 5 careers in their lifetime.   To ensure young people are prepared for this future, there is an urgent need for early intervention in school, to equip them with the enterprise skills and career management capabilities needed to thrive in the New Work Order.

$20 Boss is a nationwide immersive entrepreneurship program for upper primary and secondary school students. Each student was provided with $20 of start-up capital to help them create, launch and operate their enterprise over the course of a school term.

Thank you from Aiden Dickson on behalf of Year 9 Commerce:

On behalf of my peers in Year 9 Commerce, Mr Millar and Mrs Dignam, we would like to thank you for supporting us last term at our $20 Boss Program Market Day where we raised over $700.

It was decided as a class, to donate this $700 to one non-profit organization for maximum impact and that was Beyond blue. 

Achievement Awards for the Program go to:  Kyle Alcorn, Aiden Blackman, Owen Bradstreet, Kai Dawkings, Aiden Dickson, Thomas Fortune, Jaiden Gagliardi, Zane Grady, Jet Hassett, Lorcan Hayes, Brayden Hickey, Noah Joseph, Bailey McDonald, John Missak, Christopher Murray, Jacob Newport, Nicholas Sparks, Gabe Stuart, Mark Sweeney, Reece Tredwell, Alec Warwick and Kai Willmott

Lastly, I would like to add that I personally found the program­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ well-structured, the program provided a great experience that taught the key steps to running a business. These steps included how to run a business, developing your product as well as how to advertise and sell the product. The Program also developed enterprising skills that help get jobs later.  Again thank you all the students, teachers and staff who supported our businesses by purchasing our products.