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22.05.24 Sport
St Edward’s Football Academy
Attention all Under 15's football players (students born in 2009 or 2010) of St Edward’s College. Are you ready to take your football skills to the next level? Introducing, the St Edward’s Football Academy. An exciting and exclusive opportunity for passionate players to develop their talents and represent their school with pride.  In collaboration with Central Coast Football Association, our academy embraces the coaching and playing structures designed by Football Federation Australia and the English Football Association. Led by highly qualified and experienced coaches, this program offers a unique blend of training sessions, development programs, competitive matches and opportunities to give back to the community.  Parents and prospective players of the College are invited to attend an online information session on Wednesday 29 May at 7.00 pm, to learn more about the program's objectives and benefits. To register and receive the Microsoft Teams link please complete the form below.  Interested students should then complete the ‘Expression of Interest’ form, which will be available on the College website, and submit it to Mr Bonnici, College Principal by 3.00 pm on Friday June 14 (Week 7).  Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to unlock students’ full potential on the football field. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of something special at St Edward’s College!  Register for the Online Information Session Here   [embed][/embed]  
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20.05.24 Sport
College Athletics Carnival
Annual Athletics Carnival 2024 The College will be conducting our Athletics carnival on Friday 31 May at Adcock Park, West Gosford. It is compulsory for all boys to attend and rolls will be taken throughout the day. Students are to be at Adcock Park by 8.45am. Parents, carers and guardians are welcome to attend. Any students wanting to compete in the 1500m event need to be at the oval ready to race by 8.30am. Transport Normal school buses to and from school will run in the morning/afternoon. Boys on buses from the southern end of the coast will be dropped off near McDonald’s at West Gosford. Students are then required to cross the Central Coast Highway at the pedestrian lights immediately outside McDonald’s where a staff member will be stationed to direct them safely across the main road. Please note that students will not be permitted to enter McDonald’s to buy food. All other students traveling by bus are required to catch their normal bus to the College and they will be directed to make their way to Adcock Park. Staff will be stationed along the way to direct students to the correct and safest crossing points. They will not be permitted to cross at any other points. This is most important for their safety and wellbeing. Other students may make their own way to the carnival as appropriate. All students requiring afternoon bus transport will return on foot to the College under the close supervision of staff and catch the afternoon school specials as normal. Uniform For identification purposes, it is imperative that all St Edward’s students attend the carnival in their College track suit/sports uniform. This is most important so that we can carry out appropriate supervision of all the boys on that day. Senior students who don’t have a sports uniform should wear appropriate sports clothing, possibly in their house colours. General Directions As maximum participation is the aim of the day, points will be allocated for every student entering an event. Boys need to be equally prepared for the weather, especially at this time of the year. There is little protection from the elements at Adcock Park, so boys also need to bring a hat and sun protection cream etc. The canteen (snacks and drinks only) will be run on the day and cash or debit card will be accepted. There is no facility for use of flexischool accounts at Adcock Park. The boys are asked not to bring footballs, basketballs or soccer balls with them as there will be no opportunity to use them on the day. The balls can be a hazard on a day such as this. It is imperative that no student brings along large sums of money or valuable audio equipment etc. In these situations, it is impossible for the College to take responsibility if any items go missing on the day. In the event of obvious inclement weather, boys would need to come to school prepared for the normal Monday timetable. A posting will be listed on the College Facebook page and the College App. No announcement means the carnival will go ahead. Parent Attendance Parents and carers are welcome to attend the carnival. Parents are asked to stay outside the velodrome throughout the day and support from a distance Feel free to access the canteen and barbeque facilities. NB: Students will be released at the conclusion of the carnival at approximately 2.15pm. Parents are asked not to request for their son to leave before the conclusion of the carnival. During the Carnival Students will move from event-to-event in their age groups. At the conclusion of the carnival, with parental/carer discretion, students may: Be dismissed from Adcock Park to make their own way home. Students making their way home will not be permitted to go to McDonald’s or any other fast-food outlets; they are to go directly home. Senior students with permission to drive to and from school may drive. All other students return on foot and under supervision to the College to catch the usual bus services. The cooperation of boys and their families with these guidelines will ensure that it is an enjoyable day for all in attendance. Under normal circumstances the carnival should conclude by 2.15pm. No boys will be permitted to leave the oval before that time.
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15.05.24 Mission & Identity
Homeroom Edition of SECTV
Click the YouTube link below for the latest Homeroom Edition of SECTV, hosted by Rex Allwood and Matthew Frost-Foster.   [embed][/embed]      
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10.05.24 Mission & Identity
Special People in our Lives Year 7 Liturgy
On Friday 10 May, Year 7 gathered with many of their family members to celebrate the special people in their lives. Each core class presented an item that captured the importance of those people who have assisted their growth and development. It was a wonderful occasion that was followed by a beautiful morning tea. Many thanks to all who assisted in preparing for this gathering and for the boys who performed so admirably on the day. Mr Beacroft Director of Mission   [foogallery id="52298"]   [embed][/embed]
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03.05.24 Mission & Identity
Founder’s Day Mass
The College Founder's Day Mass at St Edward's once again stood out as a special and truly memorable occasion, emblematic of the strong bonds within the College community. The event was graced by numerous distinguished guests, each with a connection to the College spanning many years. It was heartening to witness the presence of former Christian Brothers, Principals, and esteemed members of the EREA community, all coming together to honour the College's legacy. Throughout the ceremony, the students exemplified reverence, respect, and a deep sense of prayerfulness, reflecting the values instilled within them by the College. Under the guidance of Father Vince Casey, who presided over the Mass, the atmosphere was one of solemnity and spiritual significance. A special commendation is owed to the talented musicians, comprising both staff and students, whose performances enriched the Mass with their melodic renditions. The band, meticulously prepared by Mrs Rankin and Mr Toole, showcased their dedication and skill, enhancing the overall ambiance of the ceremony with their harmonious contributions. Heartfelt appreciation extends to all who played a part in this magnificent community celebration. Their collective efforts and commitment have undoubtedly contributed to making this Founder's Day Mass a cherished and memorable event for all who attended. Mr Beacroft Director of Mission and Identity   [foogallery id="52191"]     [embed][/embed]  
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08.04.24 Mission & Identity
Year 4 – Robotics Enrichment Program
What an exciting day it was for the Year 4 students from Catholic schools across the Central Coast who participated in our STEM Robotics Enrichment Day on 4 April! The students embarked on an enlightening journey into the realm of robotics, gaining insights into the life of an engineer. As the day progressed, they found themselves manoeuvring their robots and mastering tasks with the finesse of seasoned professionals. This was the first of five Joint Enrichment days with St Joseph’s College scheduled for 2024, look out for more opportunities throughout the year.   [foogallery id="52030"]    
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27.03.24 Mission & Identity
Homeroom Edition of SECTV
Click the YouTube link below for the latest Homeroom Edition of SECTV, hosted by Matthew Kairouz and Jye LeBrocq.   [embed][/embed]
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13.03.24 Mission & Identity
Our Adventurous Year 9 Campers
The camp proved to be an immensely enjoyable experience for students and staff. The students exhibited commendable behavior throughout, displaying remarkable engagement in the many activities on offer. With the weather favouring the occasion, being warm and dry, much of the downtime was spent along the banks of the tranquil Goodradigbee River that meandered nearby the campsite. The array of activities provided a diverse and enriching experience for all and were appreciated by all participants. [foogallery id="51371"]
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