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29.11.23 Mission & Identity
Year 10 Camp
Year 10 Camp Report, Written by William Lynch Up before first light and down after dark. The first day had us on our toes and it was the first taste of our amazing camp to Jindabyne. The bus trip was long, and we had our moments, but we got through it and arrived at camp. We were introduced to our camp leaders and our teachers were as enthusiastic as ever. We picked out our bunks and we went down to the oval for a game of football before heading to our first meal. The food was amazing during the camp and I’m sure we can all agree that the kitchen staff made our camp that extra bit more enjoyable. The food was tasty and warm, and it hit the spot. A few injuries came with the first day and we learned that playing tip in the dark was not the greatest of  ideas. The next three days would encompass activities that would test our boundaries and let us reach our limits whether that be from an 18km hike up Mt Kosciuszko or getting hit in the back of the head by a snowball from Mr Ellis. There were some challenges, but the hike was so much fun, and our hard work was rewarded with incredible panoramic views over the ranges. After that, we all needed a good night's sleep. We all were falling asleep in our chairs and making fun of each other as the next person crashed,  we all slept well that night. Big shout out to the teachers who put up with us for during the long day. Next came the bike riding, with all the gear strapped on and our bags packed. The instructors were so helpful, and they really made the day special. From the sharp berms to the steep hills, the pump track to the flow. There were plenty of tracks for us to learn and show off our skills although, we had our fair share of incidents. The highlight of the day had to be Mr Rozario getting overly competitive in a pump track race and falling head over handlebars to try and get a win. Unfortunately, the shorts did not survive the fall. Finally, we had raft building and abseiling. In rotations, two groups alternated. One session involved using materials to build a suitable raft for your team to paddle out into the lake and back. Then we had abseiling, which tested our limits and showed us who feared heights. During the camp we spent two nights in tents, one at Thredbo diggings, one at Island Bend, and two in cabins at Bungarra. These different settings offered different challenges and rewards, ranging from the tv and foosball tables at the cabins, to the river at Thredbo Diggings. A lot of us went for a swim in the freezing river and Mr Gentle embraced the cold and went for a session freestyle. We dried ourselves, went and made our own dinner and all gathered around our group's campfire and enjoyed the delicious cookies. I must admit they were pretty good. At the end of the camp, we all told our favourite moments and had a great laugh, and we finally had our last sleep in Jindabyne. The next day we said our goodbyes and were back on the bus to school. Thank you to all the teachers who came on the trip and made the journey so much more enjoyable. I’d also like to mention all the camp staff who were on-site with us for the week. Students have been sent a link to download the images taken [smallgallery fooid="48660"]
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22.11.23 Mission & Identity
SECTV Homeroom Edition
Click the YouTube link below for the latest Homeroom Edition of SECTV, hosted by Cohen Crook and Abhishek Thomas.     [embed][/embed]
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15.11.23 Mission & Identity
Brighter Futures Program
We are delighted to share the highlights of the Aboriginal Cultural Program that has unfolded over the past six weeks, providing our Aboriginal students with a rich and meaningful exploration of their heritage. Cultural Learning with Aunty Beth, Uncle John, and Fletcher Aunty Beth, Uncle John, and Fletcher from Cultural Choice Association have taught the students much about Aboriginal culture, imparting invaluable insights into various aspects of culture from bush foods and medicines to creation stories. These sessions not only deepened their understanding but also fostered a strong sense of pride and connection to their culture. Wellbeing Workshops In addition to cultural education, Fletcher led empowering wellbeing workshops focused on teenage mental health. The sessions provided essential tools and strategies for our students to navigate the challenges of adolescence while promoting a positive and resilient mindset. We believe that fostering mental health awareness is integral to nurturing well-rounded individuals, and these workshops were a crucial component of the program. Collaborative Artwork Reflecting Identity Throughout the program, students engaged in a collaborative art project that beautifully captures the essence of their identity, the spirit of our College, and the richness of their cultural heritage. This artwork stands as a visual testament to the unity and diversity within our school community, showcasing the unique perspectives and talents of each participant. As we conclude this transformative six-week journey, we extend our gratitude to Aunty Beth, Uncle John, and Fletcher for their dedication and expertise. Their contributions have left an indelible mark on our students, fostering a deeper appreciation for their cultural identity, and equipping them with valuable tools for personal growth. We look forward to future initiatives that continue to celebrate and honour the diverse heritage within our school community.  
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03.11.23 Mission & Identity
Excellence in Teaching
Careers and Vocational Education and Training It with great pleasure that I share with our community that Mrs Juliana Dignam, College Leader of Careers and Vocational Education and Training, was awarded the Careers Advisers Association of NSW and ACT, Careers Adviser of the Year at a ceremony held in Sydney last Friday. This prestigious award honours a Careers Adviser who is making significant contributions to Career Education and development in and beyond their school. It highlights the quality of Career Education in the school, the skills and achievements of the Careers Adviser and their dedication to achieving quality outcomes for students. Juliana is an invaluable resource for students and parents, possessing a unique set of personal qualities that make her effective. An organiser, coordinating various career-related events, workshops, and resources, ensuring students have access to the information they need. A natural networker, establishing connections with professionals, industry experts, and educational institutions, broadening parent, and students' horizons by opening doors to diverse opportunities. Her positive and passionate mindset enables her to stay abreast of evolving career trends, offering students relevant and forward-thinking guidance. Juliana is very approachable and creates a safe and welcoming space for students to share their concerns, providing tailored solutions and support. Juliana is an innovator, creating opportunities that she believes will benefit all involved. Her initiatives align with the National Career Education Standards (NCES) and Australian Blueprint for Career Development (ABCD), emphasizing collaboration, exploration, and readiness for an ever-changing future. In 2022, she organised a remarkable National Careers Week event with 34 presenters and 73 classes, engaging students across Years 7 to 12. The theme focused on embracing squiggly careers and appreciating different pathways. Collaborating with teachers, students, administrative staff, employers, and IT professionals, Juliana witnessed remarkable student engagement. Juliana also organised in 2022, an alumni event for Year 12 students, highlighting diverse pathways to success.  To keep Year 10 students engaged, she designed a comprehensive 4-week program in Term 4, including work experience, guest speakers, virtual work experiences, and skill development activities. In 2023, she orchestrated a highly successful Careers Pathways Expo, providing parents with access to employers and tertiary providers. Over 453 parents registered for the event, facilitating meaningful conversations with their children. Juliana's innovative approach and unwavering dedication continue to shape students' career journeys, inspiring them to embrace diverse possibilities and think critically about their futures. We congratulate Juliana on this award and are very grateful to have her as a member of our St Edward’s community. Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation (HAT) Congratulations also to Mrs Michelle McDonald for being recognised for her attainment of the the accreditation status of Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT). Michelle is the St Edward’s College English Leader of Learning, and this award recognises her commitment, professionalism and expertise as a highly accomplished teacher. Michelle attended an award ceremony at Parliament House on Friday evening to be presented with her award by the Honourable Prue Car Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Learning. Michelle has continued throughout her career to ensure that she stays abreast of the latest research, curriculum developments and approaches to teaching English and demonstrates a great capacity to share her expertise with her colleagues in a collaborative and inspiring way. Michelle is a member of the English Teachers Association and has regularly convened collaborative professional learning sessions with teachers from St Edward’s and other schools to ensure that the young people in our care are provided with the best possible learning experiences to achieve positive outcomes. I congratulate Michelle on achieving this level of accreditation and look forward to her ongoing contribution to teaching excellence at St Edward’s.
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30.10.23 Mission & Identity
Year 8 Camp Adventures
The students were well-behaved, and the activities were demanding, a testament to the fact that the boys went to sleep on both nights tired yet satisfied. Food was abundant; there were seconds and thirds available for those with an appetite. Activities available to the students included surfing, beach sports, kayaking, mega paddling, archery tag, bush walks, and initiatives. For dinner each night, the group was divided into two: one group had hamburgers cooked for them, while the other group cooked their own meals, and Trangia's Spaghetti Bolognese was on the menu. Groups of three and four students worked together under the direction of their camp instructors. The following night, the groups swapped; we have some budding young chefs among our Year 8 students. The highlight of the camp, however, had to be the intergroup volleyball competition held on the last day, with groups 7 and 13 competing in the final. Group 7 won the final with a score of 21 points to 19, becoming the inaugural champions of the St Edward's Killalea State Park Volleyball Championships.   [smallgallery fooid="48113"]
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20.10.23 Curriculum
The North Challenge
St Edward's and St Joseph's collaborate to win the North Challenge! Congratulations to the St Edward's/St Joseph's team for their triumphant collaboration in winning the North Challenge! After three months of meticulous planning and dedicated efforts to address the issue of Housing Affordability on the Central Coast, they emerged as victors, against other Central Coast schools in the competition. The team actively participated in six workshops alongside executives from North Construction, gaining insights into the company's operations and procedures. This experience proved invaluable in shaping their own company, which was founded to address the specific problem. Their solution involved the development of affordable, efficient, and sustainable 3D-printed homes for lower-income families. Their comprehensive proposal encompassed various aspects, including their vision, objectives, company values, expectations, SWOT analysis, SMART goals, GANTT chart, Milestones chart, company direction, organizational structure, elements of workplace culture, employee satisfaction plan, target customer identification, investment and cost estimates, rental solutions, loan and sponsor estimates, feasibility study, 3D-printed house design and associated costs, as well as career opportunities within their business. In addition to this strategic planning, the team also established a web presence, designed business cards, and successfully produced a handheld 3D-printed house, all according to their specifications.  
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13.10.23 Curriculum
2023 HSC Examination Timetable
See the link below for the 2023 HSC Examination Timetable, individual timetables have also been uploaded to student portals.     2023 HSC Written Exam Timetable - NSW Education Standards   Link to NESA Website  
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13.10.23 Parent Connection
Upcoming School Vaccination for Years 7 and 10
UPCOMING SCHOOL VACCINATION VISIT - register online! Central Coast Local Health District nurses will be providing vaccination at St Edward’s College on Monday 30 October from 9:00am. If your child is in Year 7 or Year 10 this year and you would like them to receive routine vaccinations, but have not already completed a consent form online, please follow the links below, or use the QR code to register your consent for vaccination. If you have any questions or difficulties completing the form, please phone The School Vaccination Team on 0487 357245  
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