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Latest News from the French Faculty
St Edward’s students have been working hard in French making cooking demonstration videos, PowerPoint presentations and re-visiting French songs, listen to some wonderful examples of our students conversing and singing in French.


Year 8

In Term 1, students learnt how to present themselves in French. They created a PowerPoint, imagining that they were taking part in a cultural exchange and they were presenting themselves to their French host student. They also presented themselves during an activity undertaken in class, where they recorded themselves conversing in pairs.









Year 9

In Term 1, students learnt how to describe people and themselves. They created a bilingual video imagining that a French exchange student came to St Edward’s College for a cultural exchange.


Year 10

Students have studied a famous French artist “Stromae” and have re-visited his songs and created a bilingual music video.  Year 10 students have also made a cooking demonstration video of a typical French dish.