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The Bungaree Program
Welcome to ‘Bungaree’, St Edward’s High Potential Program

Why ‘Bungaree’?

Bungaree was an Aboriginal man from the area near Broken Bay, renowned for his sense of humour, resourcefulness and bravery. St Edward’s College is privileged to have an association with a direct descendant of Bungaree through our Reconciliation Action Plan activities. The name Bungaree was chosen, in consultation with community members and the direct descendants of Bungaree, for the High Potential Learners Program in recognition of Bungaree’s achievements and in celebration of the continued connection of the College to this exceptional man.

Click on the links below if you would like to know more about Bungaree and why he was chosen as the namesake for our High Potential Program.

Program Philosophy

High potential students are those who have the potential to perform well above the average level of their age peers in one or more areas. These students learn in different ways to their peers, and can move through core learning quicker and with more complex understanding.

St Edward’s College is guided by our aspiration statements. In particular, ‘St Edward’s College aspires to provide students with a liberating education that empowers them to build a better world for all.’

Flowing from this, the aim of the St Edward’s High Potential Program is to meet the cognitive and socio-emotional needs of our high potential students. We will do this by providing them with enriched learning opportunities which develop their abilities through quality teaching, and collaboration with like-minded peers, encouraging them to make creative contributions in service to others.​ In striving for this aim, we hope our high potential leaners will be liberated to achieve their personal best for the betterment of our community and the world at large.

What Does the Program Offer?

Once a student has been identified as high potential, they may be offered one or more of the following opportunities.

  • Participation in special events or competitions
  • Placement in subject based enrichment classes
  • Withdrawal from class to participate in specialised learning groups.


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