Parents and Friends Association
The College supports and promotes the membership and activities of an enthusiastic and pro-active Parents and Friends association. The College Executive considers the existence and operation of this body an integral component of open communication and parental interaction which is encouraged in the provision of education services at St Edward’s.

The St Edward’s Parents and Friends Association has four broad and basic aims:

  • To encourage communication between parents and the College
  • To assist the College through the contribution of labour and other resources
  • To meet other parents in a social environment
  • To help parents in their important role through contact with other parents

The association aspires to achieve these aims through regular monthly meetings which are held on the third Wednesday of each month starting at 7.30 pm in the Staff Room with the Annual General Meeting held in October each year. Meetings are conducted in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and all suggestions and comments are welcomed.

Examples of some of the activities and achievements of the Parents and Friends:

  • Donates funds raised to the College to assist in the purchase of essential items
  • Circulating a monthly Newsletter
  • Conducting information nights on a range of topics and interests
  • Organises and runs school discos with St Joseph’s Catholic College
  • Assisting with School Open Days, as well as with Year 10 and Year 12 Graduation Events

All new parents to the College are encouraged to participate in the activities offered by the Parents and Friends Association or to simply utilise the channels of communication. Further information is available by contacting the president of the Parents and Friends Association through the College Office.