News Category: Curriculum

French Breakfast

In the last week of Term 2, a select group of 50 students across all seven Year 8 French classes were invited to attend a special French brunch, served at recess by Mademoiselle Ribal and Madame Maloney as a reward for their outstanding effort and enthusiasm during the first semester. The classroom was reconfigured and… Read more »

Year 9 Semester One, Music Performances

Last semester, Year 9 Elective Music students were asked to present a song or instrumental as part of a small ensemble (a group of 4-5 players). Students were able to choose a simple 3-4 chord song to work on in practice rooms and collaborate on how to interpret the song and create a structure for… Read more »

Drama, Entertainment, Screen and Media

WOW, what a start to the year! We began with bushfires and storms followed by the flooding of the Performing Arts floor of the Shanahan Learning Centre. Our students proved how resilient and flexible they are as we moved our classes to any spare rooms across the College to continue our learning. When all was… Read more »

The Latest Episode of SECTV

See the latest episode of SECTV below: The latest episode was hosted by Joseph Hussein, Johan Fernandes and Daniel Pearce who reflected on the issue of racism.  

SECTV Episode 1

One of the good things to come out of Covid-19 has been the development of St Edward’s College Television (SECTV). Due to the restriction of not being able to gather as a College community, an innovative solution was needed for our whole school assemblies. Enter SECTV. Students from Year 11 Screen and Media produced the… Read more »

The Latest from the Music Faculty

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year thus far would be somewhat of an understatement. Towards the end of Term 1, we were unfortunately hit with a burst hot water system from the canteen area which filled our entire music and drama departments with about 6 inches of water. Everything from our classrooms,… Read more »

The Latest from the TAS Faculty

What has remote learning looked like in Stage 4 Technology at St Edward’s? Year 7 Digital Technology The commencement of Term 2 presented itself with an interesting opportunity for our students – independent learning. This presented certain challenges that our Year 7 boys had to face, requiring them to problem solve. Working alongside our specialist… Read more »

French Students First in NSW

Every year, students at St Edward’s participate in the Education Perfect Languages Championships, competing against students from all around the world to shine in French on an international platform. This year, students did exceptionally well! St Edward’s ranked 1st in French in NSW out of 30 schools in our category (size of school) and St… Read more »

Latest News From the PDHPE Faculty

Fortnightly Progress Surveys Each fortnight, every PDHPE, PASS, SLR and Sports Coaching class is required to complete an online quiz in their Canvas course. The PDHPE staff are monitoring the workload, physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and general wellbeing of all students during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. The statistics are proving to be interesting and… Read more »

English Competitions

If there is a bright side to being at home much more, it is extra time for reading and writing. Join in some great competitions and you could win cash prizes, books, vouchers and more. Details to school competitions are available in your English Canvas pages under the heading COMPETITIONS and links to external competitions… Read more »