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Parent Seminar at St Edward’s College

Healthy Screen Time and Problematic Overuse St Edward’s College is holding a very important parent seminar regarding screen addiction. Parents are encouraged to attend this informative talk from Brad Marshall, Clinical Psychologist. The talk will be held in the College Theatre on Wednesday 18 September 2019 from 6.30 pm. Tea and Coffee will be provided… Read more »

Free Webinar – Step Back So Kids Step Up

Children and teenagers are capable of so much more than they are often given credit for. Closing the expectation gap between what adults believe kids and young adults are capable of, and allowing them to create their own solutions to the challenges they face will greatly impact their resilience, and society as a whole. In… Read more »

Wellbeing News

At St Edward’s we are trying to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by involving all students in Wellbeing sessions to inform and empower them. In Week 1 of this term, all Year 9 students attended a Wellbeing session with Batyr – a preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young… Read more »

Parenting Ideas – Refining your Parenting Style

Kids benefit from a mixture of two parenting approaches. On the one hand, they benefit from an approach that provides nurturance, builds strong relationships and offers strong emotional support. They also need a style that sets behavioural boundaries, challenges them to face their fears and promotes independence from an early age. This combination of nurturance… Read more »

Parenting Ideas – The Loss of Healthy Rites of Passage Webinar

The Loss of Healthy Rites of Passage Rites of Passage have always been a significant part of community life, until now. Each stage of a person’s life was marked and celebrated including the significant step of moving into adulthood. The shift from childhood to adulthood has always been marked by a rite of passage, which… Read more »

Reminder from Pastoral Care

Pastoral care reminder for hair and grooming for the beginning of the second semester. Boys are expected to keep their hair well-groomed. Hair is to be clean and neatly cut, above and off the collar, of natural colour, of even grade and all extreme styles avoided. Styles are expected to be reasonably conservative and guided… Read more »

Free Webinar – Creating 21st Century Rites of Passage

In this webinar you will develop clear guidelines and learn strategies to support you to build strong healthy relationships with your children, bolster their independence and support them in their use of technology in these rapidly changing times.   When Wednesday 28 August 2019 8:00pm AEST. Your Exclusive Voucher            … Read more »

Parenting Ideas – Promoting Leadership

There are leaders in all walks of life. In business, at school, in families, in sport and in the wider community your young person will have the opportunity to lead others. Your young person may have many individual attributes that will enable them to lead but, to be truly successful, they also need to develop… Read more »

Reunion – Year 10 Graduating Class of 1994

The St Edward’s College Year 10 graduating class of 1994 is having a 25 year anniversary reunion on Sunday 22 September 2019. For more information see the link below:   Year 10, 1994 – Warrumbungles Camp