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Catholic Schools Office – Parent Formation Opportunities

Catholic Schools Office – Parent Formation Opportunities Strengthen your Parenting Skills, with Tips from Parents Women’s Reflection Morning with Katrina Zeno, author and speaker. “​Raising children in a hypersexualised culture” Wed 1 May, 10.30am – 12.15pm at St Agatha’s Parish Pennant Hills Presentations by Alicia & Mike Hernon, founders of the Messy Parenting Project (USA)…. Read more »

Parenting Ideas – The Message all Boys Need to Hear

Parenting educator Maggie Dent maintains how we communicate with boys impacts their self-esteem, emotional management and resilience. In this article Maggie provides wonderful boy-friendly communication guidance for parents and teachers. Research has shown that parents treat their boys and girls differently right from infancy. For example, infant boys are touched more frequently and handled more… Read more »

Invitation from the College Counsellors

Expressions of Interest Seasons for Growth Program 2019 Commencing end of Term 2 for 13-18 year olds The Seasons for Growth Program aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of young people who are dealing with significant life changes.  It is an 8 week program. Who is the Program for? Any student who has… Read more »

Canteen News

We are all about healthy choices at our College canteen and Raeleen, Lisa and Melisa have been making fantastic meals for our students five days a week for recess and lunch. Some of the meals include Fish Tacos, Chicken and Rice Salads, Butter Chicken, Bangers and Mash, Hokkein Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables, Maple BBQ… Read more »

Winter Uniform

College Winter Uniform Term 2 is fast approaching and the full winter uniform must be worn from day 1 of Term 2.   To ensure you have your full winter uniform in time, the uniform shop now has blazers and trousers available every Monday and Friday 8.00 am – 9.00 am,  alternatively orders can be… Read more »

Free Webinar Voucher – Balancing Extra-Curricular Activities

Free Webinar voucher for Balancing Extra-Curricular Activities Modern life is busy. It’s busy for parents and is becoming increasingly busy for children and teens as activities fill up the family calendar outside school hours. Extra-curricular activities bring a host of benefits for children but there’s a threshold past which the benefits are outweighed by the… Read more »

Parenting Ideas – Daily Lessons in Resilience

It’s in our reactions to children’s and young people’s every day mistakes, mess-ups, muck-ups and hurts where the real lessons in resilience lay.  

A Day in the Life of St Edward’s College

‘We had the best day’, was how many of the 240 Year 6 students from 27 primary schools from across the coast responded after spending the day at the College last week. Science experiments, playing Kahoot in the Learning Centre, slam dunking in PE, painting a bookmark in art, jamming with Year 10 boys in… Read more »

Parenting Ideas – 2019 Webinar Program for Parents

2019 Webinar Program for Parents At Parenting Ideas, we are hosting a comprehensive program of webinars for parents in 2019. As your school has a Parenting Ideas membership, you can attend all of these webinars at no cost. If you’re unable to make the scheduled time you can simply register and access the recording later…. Read more »