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Parenting Ideas – Managing the Mother Load

“The mental load means always having to remember.” Emma, a French cartoonist summed up the mental load that most mothers carry in her 2017 viral comic, ‘You should’ve asked’. In the opening scene a very hassled mother was preparing for a dinner party, while feeding her two young children, dealing with a noisy dog and… Read more »

Parenting Ideas – Modelling Self-Kindness

This has been a tough parenting year. On a personal level it’s been challenging, but when you add the extra difficulty of helping children and young people navigate this year, you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’ve had enough. It’s timely to look at US-based academic Dr Brene’ Brown’s research that informed her book The… Read more »

Parenting Ideas – The Power of Sorry

Our boys tend to get into trouble more than our girls. There are lots of cultural and biological reasons for this but much of it boils down to the fact that boys are still soft-wired to be ‘mammoth hunters’, ready to react to any threat. Generally, boys have more muscle than girls and, with that,… Read more »

Be an Askable Parent – Parenting Ideas

In a recent conversation, a 16 year old told me how he’s enjoyed some great conversations with his father since the COVID-19 pandemic. What I heard from this young man was that his father is not just an affable person but also a very ‘askable’ parent. The young man told me that he could talk… Read more »

A Flexible Approach to Raising Kids – Parenting Ideas

This year’s unique challenges have brought a sharper focus on child-rearing styles. Parents who rely one style have often struggled to meet the emotional needs of their children. Kids who are worried, fearful or fretting about the future initially benefit from a nurturant, empathetic approach. “I get it” is what they want to hear so… Read more »

Positions Vacant

Applications are invited for the following positions:  Mathematics teacher and Year 7 Core teacher.  Please click the link below for more information.  

Parenting in Challenging Times – Parenting Ideas

Life has a way of throwing curve balls that really test the strength and resilience of families. Personal tragedy, natural disasters and global pandemics are the types of events that challenge us all to the core, testing our emotional and social resources. When difficulties occur children look to the adults in their lives to maintain… Read more »

How to Talk About the Topics that Matter With Your Son

Are you struggling to talk to your son about difficult topics like alcohol, drug use, pornography, mental health and masculinity? Attend the upcoming webinar ‘Let’s Talk Young Men’s Health’ this International Men’s Day on 19th November to learn how you can have these conversations at home to improve your son’s wellbeing. Cost:  $25 Bookings essential,… Read more »

Positions Vacant

Applications are invited for the following positions:  Music teacher, English teacher and HSIE teacher.  Please click the link below for more information.