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Students Not Eating at School

Students not eating at school?

You may have witnessed first-hand the difficult relationship some young people have with food. Sadly, you are not alone. Global research reports disordered eating in up to 22% of children and adolescents. Our body image is formed by the thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs we have about our bodies and how we look. This includes our shape, size, weight, gender identity, and the way our body functions for us. We may feel many different things about our body and appearance: sometimes satisfied/positive, sometimes dissatisfied/negative, sometimes a bit of both, or even neutral. Either way, our body image can influence how we engage with the world.

Below is a link to Body Kind Schools. For schools and families, it provides information and practical approaches to improve your son’s healthy eating. Included below is also a link to eating disorders in boys. If parents have any concerns about eating disorders in their child, please be in contact with the College Pastoral Team.


Body Kind Schools – Butterfly Foundation

Eating Disorders and Males (