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Difficulty Adjusting to Teachers

Maggie Dent:  From Boys to Men

An extract:

What to do if your son dislikes his teacher or feels they dislike him or he is going through a tough stage with school:

  • Be a safe listening post
  • Validate his frustrations
  • Still encourage him
  • Keep affirming your expectations that he will do OK once the tricky stage of being an early teen passes
  • Reassure him that you believe he has what it takes to do well at school.  The key is not to over-sell the idea that he HAS to do well at school – that can trigger his fear of failure and he may opt out!
  • Focus on and be grateful for the fabulous teachers

Definitely check in with him if he needs any support like a tutor or a better place to do his homework – without reminding him to do homework or pressuring him or lecturing him.  He must learn from his own endeavours or lack of endeavours, or he will need his parents to forever push him!