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Student Rights and Responsibilities

1. To be able to learn and participate fully in all classes and activities

  • To try my best
  • To pay attention in class
  • To be involved in school activities
  • To develop my skills with the help of my teachers
  • Never to miss school or lessons without permission
  • To be on time for class and all school activities
  • To always be in the right place at the right time
  • To bring the necessary books and equipment to class
  • To complete all my set work and not to disturb the work of others

2. To enjoy a clean attractive environment

  • To look after school furniture and property
  • To put rubbish in bins
  • To keep classrooms clean and tidy
  • To take good care of textbooks and library books
  • To keep desks, walls and pin boards free of graffiti
  • Not to eat or drink in classrooms or the Edmund Rice Centre

3. To have a good school name

  • To wear my uniform with pride
  • To behave well at all times
  • To show respect to visitors
  • To display good sportsmanship

4. To be in a safe well ordered environment

  • To have my diary with me during lessons
  • To follow teachers’ directions regarding the use of equipment and facilities
  • To move in an orderly manner, keeping to the left of stairways and verandahs
  • To get on/off buses safely and waiting for the bus to stop
  • To listen for bells and move when I should
  • To report to Administration if I am late for school
  • To stay away from out of bounds areas
  • To bring absentee notes to Home Room teachers
  • To return all borrowed equipment

5. To be treated with respect, understanding and courtesy

  • To be supportive of others
  • To be friendly and helpful
  • To respect a person’s good name
  • To treat other people with respect
  • To express different opinions politely
  • To listen to the other point of view
  • To co-operate with teachers by helping when asked

6. To have my property respected

  • To take care of my possessions
  • To take care of other people’s books, bags etc
  • To ask before borrowing and return borrowed items promptly
  • To leave other people’s possessions alone
  • Not to write on other people’s belongings

7. To share a just and honest environment

  • Don’t steal
  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t cheat
  • Do not accept lying, stealing or cheating by others
  • Don’t use offensive language