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Expectations and Privileges for Senior Students
More is expected of a senior student because of their age. What might be forgiven or excused in a Year 7 student because of his immaturity, would not be excused in a senior student who should know better.

Conversely, staff will be more prepared to discuss inappropriate behaviour and its consequences with senior students. This may replace the need for a punishment for inappropriate behaviour. The College discipline structure still applies to senior students and this could involve detentions and suspensions for serious breaches of the College rules.

Relationships between staff and senior students are often characterised by a greater degree of informality. The classes are smaller and in some subjects staff and students work outside the normal school hours or on weekends. The emphasis in the senior school is for a student to take primary responsibility for his own learning. The teacher’s role is to assist him in this process.

A senior student needs to be self motivated and disciplined in his approach to his studies and clearly recognises the need to give a priority to a consistent program of home study. Being a senior student is to be a leader in the College community.

It is not just a badge or a different coloured shirt or different tie. Senior students are expected to be cooperative, diligent and supportive of the College. They should be developing initiative, self reliance, tolerance and understanding as they prepare to take their place in the adult world.

Senior privileges are automatic upon entry to Year 11 and 12. Any of these privileges may be withdrawn by the Year Coordinator or Pastoral Care Coordinator if a student misbehaves or lacks the maturity to cope with them.

  • Senior students are not required to use a College bag. A plain black bag is an acceptable alternative.
  • All seniors, with parental permission, are allowed to visit the East Gosford shops on the nominated day with year coordinators endorsement.
  • With appropriate permission a senior student can use specialist subject areas and the library during designated study lessons.
  • Seniors have their own playground area which is off limits to junior students.
  • During examinations seniors are not required to attend school unless they have an examination.
  • Seniors, upon completion of the necessary documentation, are allowed to drive to school or be a passenger in another student’s car.
  • Seniors have their own line at the canteen and board school buses first.
  • Year 12 students, with parental permission may leave school at lunchtime on Friday if they do not have a scheduled class. Year 12 students, with parental permission, are also allowed to leave if they have a Period 6 study lesson or arrive later if they have a study lesson Period 1.