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Level System
Teachers use their own systems of rewards and punishments within the classroom and the schoolyard situation. They also make use of the College’s own system as a more formalised procedure.

The Level System, which applies to Years 7-12, acknowledges and rewards student’s achievements in relation to Behaviour, Service to the College and Academic/Effort. The System makes them responsible and answerable for behaviour that is not acceptable in the College. Corporal punishment is not an acceptable form of discipline and, as such, is prohibited at school.


Each of the Pastoral Levels brings responsibilities as outlined:

Level 3 Entry
Working well in a number of subjects and behaviour is good in most aspects of school life.
Level 2 Silver
Working well in all subjects and behaviour is very good in all aspects of school life.
Level 1 Gold
Works well in all subjects and can be relied upon to do what is correct at all times.


Students may change one Level at a time. At the end of the College year students on Levels 1 and 2 will move back one Level and will need to attain the various certificates again in order to move again to the highest Level Gold.

Gold students will only need to attain 1 Silver Certificate in the areas of Service and Academic/Effort in order to move back to Level 1 Gold. Students who finish the year on either Level 4 or 5 may negotiate with their Year Coordinator their return to Level 3 to commence the New Year.

Students on Levels 1-3 who misbehave move back ONE Level and receive the normal punishment for their misbehaviour. Any Level 1-3 student who is suspended due to timeout or detention will automatically drop a Level.

If they are on Level 1 or 2 and are sent to timeout more than once per term, they may drop a Level if the Year Coordinator deems it necessary. These students return to a higher Level via the usual procedure that may include successful completion of monitoring sheets or attainment of certificates.

Merit Awards

The Certificates of Merit system affirms students who strive to achieve personal excellence in College life.  The Merit System is part of St Edward’s College Positive Behaviour for Learning framework and recognises and acknowledge students for any outstanding effort, positive behaviour in class, a positive attitude towards learning and general positive contribution to College life.

Merit Certificates are issued by the classroom teacher.  When a student achieves 20 merits, students will be presented with a Pastoral Leaders Award at a Year Assembly.  Once a student has three Pastoral Care Awards, the student will receive a Principal’s Award at a whole school assembly.