The Haven Education Centre
The Haven Education Centre addresses the complex set of individual problems presented by students which result in them being unable to cope with mainstream education.

The Centre has been established with staff highly specialized in working with these students. They are able to work on a 1:3 basis with the students and their families to assess the particular issues which are preventing the students attending mainstream schooling and to provide individual programs to address the identified problems.

We are one of 51 Flexi Learning Centres in NSW and are now part of the EREA National Network.

The Haven Education Centre is an annexe of and governed by St Edward’s College, East Gosford.  The prime purpose of The Haven is to prepare these students for re-integration into mainstream schooling.

Who Can Enrol?

The Haven Education Centre is a non-denominational, co-educational Centre accredited by the Board of Studies to accept students in Years 7 and 8. Any student who is not coping with mainstream schooling on the Central Coast; due to learning, behavioural or emotional issues, are able to seek enrolment at The Centre.

The Haven Education Centre does not offer Year 9 and 10 ROSA accreditation.  It only offers Year 7 and 8 classes.

Students may be referred for enrolment from their home school or by their family or carer. An Intake and Review Committee determines which applicants are to be offered a place at The Centre.

The majority of students enrolled at the Haven are from Government schools.

There are no fees charged at the Centre.

Is The Program Successful?

A comment from one student:

“I was always in trouble at my old school, getting kicked out of class and being suspended. Because there aren’t as many kids in class at The Haven you get lots more help and attention. This means you will get better at everything when you start to work with the teachers. They are all really cool and have helped me heaps.”

The Board and teaching staff are realistic enough to know that The Haven will not have a 100% success rate but even a 50% success rate will mean that a significant number of students will have returned to mainstream schooling with a chance of becoming effective members of post-school society.

What Is The Alternative?

If centres like The Haven do not exist these students remain disenfranchised from any form of effective schooling and remain wandering the streets, at the beach or shopping centres with the temptation of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour such as petty crime and drug abuse. Many parents and mainstream schools are desperate for help to avoid this scenario arising.

The Haven Education Centre is the only available educational facility catering for these students on the Central Coast and its services are highly regarded by the educational community in this area.

Costs and Financial Support

The Haven Education Centre costs in excess of $420,000 per year to run – a costly operation. However it must be recognised that all other attempts to cater for these students have been unsuccessful. If you consider the alternative long term cost to society (emotionally and financially), it is money well spent.

We are privately funded through the Catholic community and Central Coast Business Houses. This local commitment ensures our survival and we rely heavily on them. Recently major corporations such as NRMA Motoring Services have also come on board. Put simply, without this support we don’t exist.

We have no direct Government support even though 95% of our students are from state schools; in QLD the Annexes are fully supported by the Government.

To cater for this different approach the student to teacher ratio at The Haven is generally about four to one and so salary costs are a significant proportion of the total cost of running The Centre. This ratio ensures the high level of success that is enjoyed by our students.

How You Can Help?

There are significant costs in gaining adequate teaching resources and equipment for the individualised programs required for the students at The Haven. In addition the recurrent annual expenses especially related to transport are proving difficult to cover – especially as students move into the re-integration process and require transportation to the various high schools around the Coast.

To ensure the Centre’s ongoing success we are now seeking additional support of local businesses and community groups to assist in funding. This is a tangible way for local organisations to display their support for those most in need from our community.

All sponsorship and donations are tax deductible and as all the fundraising and administration of these funds is on a voluntary basis you can be assured all monies raised will be used to directly assist the students at the Centre.

Gold Sponsorship – Cost $1000 [per annum]

Your Company or Organisation’s Logo would be displayed on our mini bus as an ongoing supporter of the Centre.

All newsletters and fundraising material issued by the Centre will also carry your Company or Organisation’s Logo showing you as an ongoing supporter of the Centre.

Silver Sponsorship – Cost $500 [per annum]

All newsletters and fundraising material issued by the Centre will carry your Company or Organisation’s Logo showing you as an ongoing supporter of the Centre.

This is all tax deductable as we are a registered charity.