An Interview with Br Peter Hester, Past Principal St Edward’s College
In a mark of respect to the Christian Brothers and in an attempt to capture the rich history of the Brothers at St Edward’s College, in 2017 Year 11 Entertainment, under the direction of their teacher Mr Kim Delury, interviewed Br Peter Hester, past Principal of St Edward’s College.
These interviews provide an insight into the life of a Christian Brother, and a wonderful record of the legacy of the Brothers at St Edward’s College.

Interview Question 1 –  ‘Why did you become a Brother?’

Interview Question 2 – ‘What subjects did you teach?’

Interview Question 3 – ‘What was your experience in the Christian Brothers community?’

Interview Question 4 – ‘Was there a set time Brothers spent in each school?’

Interview Question 5 – ‘Was sport influential for you?’

Interview Question 6 – ‘What are your fond memories at St Edward’s College?’