Year 7’s First Week
Year 7 have had a very busy first week at St Edward’s College. After walking into the ERC on their first morning, wide-eyed and a little apprehensive, they soon settled in and became the latest ‘Eddies Boys’.

Year 7 started their week with our senior students greeting them and giving out stationery packs, they  met their Tutor teacher, their Core teacher and the students they would possibly be spending the next six years with. By lunch on their first day, Year 7 had found the canteen and all it had to offer, they had found a place to sit and were happily playing handball with old and new friends – even Mr Bonnici joined the fun.

On day two, Year 7 became part of the very first, one to one technology program after they were presented with their laptops and issued with a College password.  Their classes then began to follow the timetable and subjects including Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE, PDHPE, Music, Art and TAS took place.

With so much information being absorbed, Friday Sport was a welcomed event, even the wet weather couldn’t dampen Year 7’s spirit!