Year 7 PDHPE
Year 7 Thirsty, Choose Water!

St Edward’s has signed up to be part of a trial for the Thirsty? Choose Water! initiative.

Sixty schools from the Central Coast, Sydney and Illawarra regions are taking part. All our Year 7 boys completed a survey at the beginning of Term 2. The questions included drink choices the boys make and investigated their level of understanding.

The trial involves our PDHPE teachers delivering 2 lessons on the benefits of water over added sugar drinks. These will suit our ‘Am I Healthy’ unit the boys are currently studying. As part of the trial we will receive a cold water refill station in 2019.

The boys will be notified of our school’s (and the overall) survey results. They will do the survey again at the end of 2018 and again at the beginning of Year 8 in 2019, to see if they have gained a higher level of understanding.