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Year 12 UAC Advice Supplement
Year 12 UAC Advice Supplement

ATAR Advice from UAC

Remember to download and print your ATAR Advice Notices when ATARs are released in December. You only have free access until February to do this. After that you will be charged for a digital or printed copy.

Course Offer Rounds for Year 12s

The most important offer rounds for Year 12 students are December Round 2 (Thursday 20 December 2018) and January Round 1 (Friday 11 January 2019).

Not all courses will be offered in December Round 2, and applicants should check UAC’s website for details of excluded courses before they finalise their course preferences.

Students whose results are not available in time for December Round 2 can be assured that they will not be disadvantaged. Universities will still have places available to make offers to all courses in January.

Early Bird Applications are Closing

28 September

The processing charge you pay for applying for university through UAC depends on when you apply. The early bird charge of $70 ends at midnight on Friday 28 September so remember to apply by then. After this date the fee reverts to the standard processing charge of $200.

Advice: Even if you are not sure of your courses by this date, apply by 28 September and then change your course preferences after this date as many times as you wish – for free!

SRS Applications are Closing

Applications for the Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) close at midnight on 28 September, so don’t forget to get your form back to your Careers Adviser well before this date!


All 2018 NSW HSC and ACT Year 12 applicants had their UAC PIN emailed to them in early August at the email address they registered with NESA. We will be sending a PIN reminder email on Monday 24 September to students who have not yet applied through UAC. If you didn’t receive your PIN email, look for this email from UAC. If your PIN doesn’t work, you need to double-check you’re using the UAC PIN and not the PIN issued by NESA.

If you have lost or forgotten your PIN after you applied, you can click the ‘Forgotten your PIN’ link under ‘Manage your application’.

If you haven’t yet applied, you should call UAC. You will need to answer some identification questions and then your UAC PIN will be re-issued.


Note: You are unable to change their preferences between the deadline for changing preferences and the day offers are released.