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Year 12 Big Day Out for PDHPE

Year 12 Big Day Out for PDHPE

Year 12 PDHPE, Mr Ellis, Mr Gentle and Mrs Henderson attended the PDHPE Big Day Out which is a full day of seminars based on senior PDHPE units of study. John Quinn, Head of Exercise Physiology and Conditioning from the GWS club, was the first speaker and addressed content from the core PDHPE unit, Factors Affecting Performance. He is an extremely experienced trainer and uses some innovative technology and techniques to get the best out of his athletes. His presentation and the following interview with James ‘Missile’ Magnussen provided the boys with numerous ‘real life’ examples and knowledge of how to apply their theory in a practical setting.

There were other talks from the Cancer Council, Dementia Australia and the Heart Foundation. To finish the day, a Sydney Swans sports doctor addressed the PDHPE option subject, Sports Medicine, which the boys are yet to study. This kept the boys interested with a few squeamish and gory slides. It was a worthwhile day which gave the boys a chance to revise their knowledge and gain examples from leading industry experts. The St Edward’s boys are to be congratulated on their respectful and interested behaviour on the day.

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