Walgett Immersion Student Recount
Mr Dell, Mrs Olip, Mrs Tague and nine Year 11 students went on the annual immersion to Walgett at the end of Term 1.

The trip commenced with a ten hour drive departing from outside the ERC, to the hot, dry country town of Walgett where we all shared once in a life time experiences together. We learned about the Aboriginal community in Walgett, their connection with the land as well as how they practice their beliefs.  We all were able to get an incite into the Aboriginal way of life.

For Year 10 students who wish to be a part of next year’s Immersion, this year’s group agreed that the trip was not necessarily about asking questions or finding answers but to simply engage, get involved, watch, listen and learn. It was a great time for bonding with our fellow peers and was highly recommend.

Written by Alex Waite