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UCAT 2019 (Students interested in Medicine/Dentistry
Information from the National Institute of Education

Since the very first day of the UCAT 2019, our office has been inundated with calls and emails from UCAT candidates, parents, and teachers alike, all asking the same questions:

‘What do my UCAT Scores mean?’

‘What percentile did I get?’

‘How does my mark compare against other UCAT candidates?’

‘Is my mark good enough to get a medical interview?’

‘Which universities should I apply for, based on my UCAT score?’

‘Should I start preparing for the interviews now, or do I have to wait until I get an offer?’

And so on…

While we are doing our best to address each and every enquiry personally, we have also decided to write an article to address the most frequent questions in relation to the UCAT scores, UCAT percentile, and medical school university applications.