The Tatham Project – Working to Clean Up the College Grounds
The Tatham Project Committee is working with staff and students to clean up the College grounds. We are determined to reduce the amount of plastic that makes its way from our campus into Brisbane Water. We are well aware of the issues presented by plastics and microplastics in our marine ecosystems and we are increasing awareness of these issues.

The Tatham Project, named in honour of and to carry on the good work of our late staff member Mr Steve Tatham, was form in late 2017.  Mr Tatham was passionate about the environment and took on the responsibility of encouraging our students to keep the playgrounds clean, he would often be seen with his ‘recruits’ sorting and recycling rubbish after school and adjusting his Litter Meter (a big brown cockroach with a sliding gauge) to reflect the cleanliness of the playground.

This year, one of the first initiatives has been to alter the school bell to play music two minutes before the end of recess and the end of lunch. Extra teachers have been heading out to the playground during this time to encourage boys to get up and clean up. After the first day of the musical bell, Mr Claridge from the Maintenance Department, said that the time for him to clean up after lunch has been reduced from 1.5 hours to just 20 minutes.

We are hoping to slowly change the culture of the boys – to take responsibility for their environment.

The Tatham Project Committee would like to thank all staff and students for their support of the project. We also ask parents/guardians to please, where they can, reduce the amount of single use plastic that they put into their son’s lunch box!

Initiative number 2 is ‘Clean4Shore’ on Thursday 1 March which aims to clean-up around the College wharf and mangrove area on the shore of Brisbane Water.

Look out for updates throughout the year on the progress of the Tatham Project.