Student Report from St Edmund’s
Written by Tom Collins in Year 10

On Monday 12 March, students from Mrs Celebrin’s Year 10 Religion class visited St Edmund’s College at Wahroonga, we travelled down there by train. Once we arrived at the school, we were warmly welcomed by staff and students. One of the teachers painted us a picture of how these students with special needs or disabilities live their lives and what their challenges are in life. The students danced for us, which was enjoyed by both the St Edmund’s students and St Edward’s students.

We were partnered 1to1 with a St Edmund’s student who gave us an insight into what goes on at St Edmund’s on a typical day. Our guide for the day then gave us a chance to understand what it is like to be blind, giving us a blindfold and walking stick. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise as it gave me an even greater sense of respect for the people who live like this every day.

We got the chance to play some blind sports such as cricket and modified dodgeball, which are played by hundreds of blind athletes. These activities gave me a great respect for blind athletes, for what they are up against, and how lucky I am to be unaffected by any of these conditions.

The excursion to St Edmund’s was an eye opening experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed getting an understanding of a whole range of disabilities and the adversity that St Edmund’s students face throughout their lives. I learned a lot from the visit and believe it is definitely worth the travel as it let me interact and have conversations with disabled people which I would not normally do.