Religion – Year 8 Visual Representation
Recently in Ms Robinson’s Year 8 Religion class, students were asked to create a visual representation of Mathew 12:1-8 – Picking Grain on the Sabbath

Fergus Clydesdale used Scratch for his representation.  Scratch is software that creates animations by using blocks encrypted with code. These blocks allow the user to create an animated character and select from different backgrounds, or alternatively characters and backgrounds can be imported.

‘I used this program to create Part B of my Religion assignment, which involved taking a verse from the Bible and creating a visual representation. Using the blocks of code, I was able to make the little characters on the screen walk around, change direction and talk in the form of speech bubbles. I had to work on each character individually. Some of the characters were harder to make than others because of more complex movement and/or actions. I used this software because I am not the best at drawing and I didn’t want to make an ordinary video, so I decided to be a bit creative and use this application.  It was one that I was familiar with because I used it when I was younger. It was a fun and rewarding project, being able to coordinate so many things simultaneously is very gratifying. Though it was challenging, I believe it was successful.’  Written by Fergus Clydsdale.