Protecting Lives – Gun Control
St Edward’s is choosing to support the Leader of the Christian Brothers in the Oceania Province, in tandem with ERA (Edmund Rice Advocacy) in 45 Australian schools, to advocate for an end to gun ownership and use.

This means our young people in Australian Edmund Rice schools, including St Edward’s, will receive accurate information about the effects of guns, and the issue of ongoing massacres in the USA.

Nothing of this advocacy campaign is political, it is simply about protecting lives by standing in solidarity with young people in the USA. Injustice happens when good people do nothing and stand by, watching injustice unfold time after time.

In recent years, our ERA has focused on anti-violence against women and human rights for asylum seekers entering Australia. This shift to gun control to avoid massacres may be controversial with some, but is a necessary Justice and Solidarity value for our St Edward’s students to consider and supported across all Edmund Rice schools in Australia.