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Principal’s Message – 8 November 2018
Edmund Rice Education Australia Touchstone
Justice and Solidarity
A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition we are challenged to adopt a prophetic stance in the light of Gospel values and we commit to advocate for just causes.
A message from the Principal in response to the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

On October 22, the Prime Minister delivered a National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. As an Edmund Rice College, we strongly support this much awaited and long-overdue moment in the history of our nation. For too many years, the victims who were horribly betrayed by the people entrusted with their care have fought for justice, acknowledgement and remorse. We hope that the Prime Minister’s apology provides comfort and relief to victims. We must stress however that this message is not the end and hope that it provides a significant and necessary step towards healing and reconciliation.

The actions that follow now are far more important than the words contained in this message. It is our hope that compassion informs nationwide initiatives to ensure that those that were wronged are cared for and adequately compensated and that all the necessary means are implemented to ensure that the abhorrent, sinful and shameful actions can never occur again.

St Edward’s College is committed to providing a safe, supportive and caring environment for all the students in our care. The care, safety and well-being of children and young people is central to the responsibility we have in ensuring that students are provided with a learning environment in which they can be challenged, nurtured and inspired to reach their potential. We are committed to embedding an organisational structure of child safety, continuously reviewing and improving our child protection policies and procedures.

The College’s Child Safe Information is available on the College Website at:


Building Master Plan

The College is currently in the process of developing a Building Master Plan for the next ten years. The aim of the Building Master Plan is to set out the types of academic and complementary facilities that are required to meet the changing needs in curriculum, student learning, teacher pedagogical changes and technological advances to ensure that we remain at the forefront of boys’ education. From a strategic point of view, the Building Master Plan will provide critical advice to the staging of building improvements in line with our teaching and learning goals, budgetary capabilities, environmental sustainability and values and traditions of an Edmund Rice School.

A key component in this process is the consultation of staff, students, parents and the College Board. Staff have been provided with the opportunity to complete formal submissions. A selection of students participated in focus groups facilitated by senior students, where they were provided with the opportunity to provide feedback about the general buildings, classrooms, play areas and other complementary facilities available to them. Parents recently received an email link to a survey to provide feedback, to further inform the process. I encourage any parents still wishing to complete the survey to do so by the closing date on Monday November 12. The information gathered will be analysed and used to inform the Building Master Plan to ensure that we continue to meet the teaching and learning needs of the community now and into the future.

College Board Expressions of Interest

The St Edward’s College Board invites interested members of the community to submit an expression of interest to fulfil the role of Board member.  College Board members are volunteers working collaboratively with the Principal in the stewardship of the College within the context of EREA. Members of School Boards are chosen to meet the expertise requirements of the Board, not as representatives of any body. The Board is currently seeking members who have expertise in the areas of building or project management. Any person interested in being considered for a position on the St Edward’s College Board is asked to complete the expression of interest form below:


The expressions of interest should be addressed to the College Board Chair via email through the College Board Secretary at

Further information regarding the design and functions of the College Board is available from:


NSW Schools Constitutional Convention

One of our College Vice Captains, Lukas Kalos was recently nominated to participate in the NSW Schools Constitutional Convention at Parliament House Sydney. Lukas is studying Legal Studies and a requirement of the nomination was to submit a statement answering the following questions:

  • Do the disqualifications for Members of Parliament as listed in Section 44 of the Australian Constitution adequately reflect Modern Australian society?
  • Should this section of the Constitution be updated?

I am pleased to advise our community that Lukas was elected to represent NSW at the National Constitutional Convention to be held in Canberra in 2019. We congratulate Lukas on this wonderful achievement and wish him all the best for the National Convention.


College Old Boys Committee Annual General Meeting

The Old Boys Annual General Meeting was held on Monday October 22nd. At this meeting a new Committee was elected. Congratulations to the following Old Boys on their election to the following positions.

  • President: Michael Bird (1980)
  • Vice President: Jerade Austin (2009)
  • Secretary: Gerard Nicholls (2012)
  • Treasurer: Tom Newton (2007)

I wish the newly elected Committee every success as they take on these new roles. I would like to thank the outgoing Committee members for the wonderful support of the Old Boys Union over many years. Their contribution to sustaining the organisation has been immense and we are forever grateful for their efforts.

Thanks to Michael Lynn (President), Barry Little (Vice President), Frank Oxley (Secretary), Alan Brindle (Treasurer), Ian Mudge (Ian Registrar)