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The PDHPE students have been fortunate enough to have many excursions and incursions throughout the year that have enhanced the curriculum.

Year 12 PDHPE

Big Day Out – seminars based on their senior units of study. Guest speakers included: John Quinn, Head of Exercise Physiology and Conditioning from the GWS club; the Cancer Council;  Dementia Australia; the Heart Foundation; a Sydney Swans Sports Doctor and James “Missile” Magnussen


Year 11 PDHPE

Apply First Aid Certificate – as part of their course option the boys completed this certificate






Expeditions –  experienced a one day outdoor recreation expedition as part of their course option. Mountain bikes, navigation, intriguing hieroglyphics, abseiling, kayaking.






Year 10 PASS

Raw Challenge Mud Run – a team building and personal challenge obstacle course through mud, ropes, tyres, walls etc. A cracking day in the mud, some amazing feats of physical strength and endurance and fantastic shows of camaraderie.


Year 10 PDHPE

Bstreetsmart – in the words of a student “This was well worth every minute. The people who have sacrificed their time have put forward a fantastic demonstration and it was confronting but so realistic and everyone needs to see it.”

In the words of a teacher “Right from the outset I was completely blown away by the incredible presentations and enactments that were presented throughout the day. The 45 minute dramatization of a crash scene which occurred because of a young girl texting was amazingly close to a horror crash scene that is ever imaginable. Real police cars, ambulances and fire/rescue trucks made the scene incredibly realistic. What happens after all the victims are taken away from the scene, (drunk driver, deceased girl, seriously injured girl), reinforces the impact a crash has on the wider community.”

Mock Interviews – in collaboration with Mrs Dignam, the boys took part in a mock interview. As part of their assessment task, the boys had to prepare answers to specific questions, provide a comprehensive portfolio, dress in appropriate attire and be interviewed by ‘real employers’ from the Defence Force to Sports Administrators. Thank you Mrs Dignam for organising the interviewers and administration for the day. This was a very worthwhile and life relevant event.


Games Day – Coming up at the end of the term. Year 10 PASS students will be running an ultimate frisbee tournament and BBQ for the rest of the year group.

Year 9 PASS

Snorkelling and hiking – Later this term the boys will be heading to Putty Beach in Bouddi National Park as part of their course. Snorkelling, hiking, swimming and beach games are a great way to end the year.

Year 9 PDHPE

Cheap Thrills – Production on choices, risk taking and consequences of alcohol, marijuana, internet and hormones. The boys were captivated by the talented performer.

Year 8 PDHPE

Verbal Combat – Words are powerful. Words can hurt and cyber bullying is devastating. Verbal Combat is a live theatre program that follows three friends who learn that their online words can last forever. Verbal Combat is essential learning, that addresses the dire consequences of cyber bullying and helps students understand that their digital footprints are hard to erase and so are their mistakes.

Year 7 PDHPE

Water Safety Days – As part of the Safe and Sound unit each class will be going to Gosford Olympic pool to complete a swimming and water safety course run by the PDHPE staff. This involves rescues with ropes, PFD and survival skills, survival swimming techniques.

Melanoma Institute Guest Speaker – also as part of the Safe and Sound unit, this curriculum-aligned workshop has a strong focus on prevention education for melanoma, how it can impact them and their families and how to prevent, detect and act early. A very brave guest speaker told their own story.

Thirsty, Choose Water! – took part in the trial for the Thirsty? Choose Water! Initiative, benefits of water over added sugar drinks. They are about to complete the survey at the end of Year 7 and then again in Year 8 to see if they have a higher level of understanding.