Parenting Webinar – Understanding Anxiety
Understanding Anxiety: 
How it impacts kids and the important role of parents.

When a child experiences anxiety it can be really hard for parents to understand what’s happening and how best to respond. In this webinar,  Dr Jodi Richardson helps parents to recognise and understand anxiety, how it affects learning and happiness, and the practical steps to lessen its impact on your child and your family’s quality of life.

Listeners will also learn:

  • the origins of anxiety
  • signs and symptoms of anxiety
  • practical strategies to help anxious kids
  • the importance of validation
  • when and where to seek help


Tuesday 5 June 2018,  7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Who is Speaking?

This webinar will be hosted by Michael Grose with presenter Dr Jodi Richardson.


This webinar is free of charge to the St Edward’s College community.

Parents need to register via the link below which will take them to the Parenting Ideas Online shop.  Add the webinar to your cart, then use the code:  WELLBEING to pay for the webinar.