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News From the Languages Faculty
Term 3 started with a bang, the celebration of le 14 Juillet or Bastille Day, the French National holiday on 14 July, in Week 1.

All French students celebrated the diversity of French culture and values by discussing this national holiday. Some students even celebrated by cooking delicious meals with their families at home during lockdown.

This exciting start to the Term, despite being in lockdown, was also highlighted by the trials and tribulations of the Tour de France, which many of our boys watched on TV and live streaming. This allowed our boys to see the breathtaking French landscape and sparked interesting online discussions about French culture, regions, and sportsmanship.

Year 8 French students have also adapted exceptionally well to Home Based Learning, delighting their teachers with many creative culinary delights as they learn about French food and restaurant culture. After learning about the region of Britany in France, students enjoyed perfecting the craft of crêpe making with their families during lockdown. Vos crêpes sont délicieuses ! Bravo! No doubt Year 8 will continue to experiment and cook up French dishes worthy of a Michelin Star from their homes.

The Year 12 French Continuers class, which is combined with students from St Joseph’s worked steadily throughout the holidays in preparation for their scheduled final HSC oral exam which was to be held on Saturday 31 July. However, due to the current lockdown and restrictions, this has been postponed to Saturday 11 September. Our Year 12 students have shown great resilience and commitment to their studies during this challenging time, and we wish them all the best for their upcoming Bac Blanc (Trial HSC) and future exams.

The French Faculty congratulates all French students for their commitment to their studies, rising to the challenges of Home Based Learning and for their dedication to learning a foreign language, making them true global citizens.