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Maths Week
This year, Maths Week was celebrated at St Edward’s in conjunction with International Pi Day (March 14th).

Students were given a range of opportunities over the week to engross themselves in the wide world of mathematics, with various activities being run including Kahoot!, Blackjack, Bingo, Rubiks Cube solving, Daily Trivia, Education Perfect Competition, Pi Cityscape Art Competition and a Pi Recital. All activities were well supported by the boys, with their competitive spirits coming out, vying for an array of prizes throughout the week.

Pi Recital

Throughout Maths Week, students in Years 7-10 battled it out in class to earn a position in the Pi Recital that was held at the Friday assembly. The aim of the Pi Recital was to memorise as many digits of Pi as possible. By the end of Maths Week, two boys from each year had earnt their way into the final competition, vying for a prize pool of canteen vouchers, lollies and an EFTPOS gift card. The competition was fiercely fought, with all boys showing their strength, impressing the assembly as they memorised many digits of Pi. The competition came down to two final boys, Ikey Allen (Year 10) and Maxi Corrigan (Year 7), who battled it out one digit at a time, until an eventual winner was declared. After reciting 108 decimal places of Pi, Ikey Allen proved victorious, taking out the crown. It was an amazing effort by both boys; the crowd were hanging on every digit! Congratulations to all the boys who competed; it was an extraordinary effort by all.

Inquisitive Minds

On Thursday during Maths Week, all of Year 8 attended an Inquisitive Minds session throughout the day – this was a hands on, competitive maths workshop, in which the boys solved various practical problems and competed for a large variety of prizes. The boys thoroughly enjoyed these workshops, with their competitive spirits well-and-truly coming out, pushing them to work together with their partner, allowing them to develop their problem solving and collaboration skills over the time. The workshops were assisted throughout the day by Year 10 students, who did a fantastic job in ensuring everything ran smoothly. A special thank you to Mr Marks, who coordinated the running of the day – it was very well organised, resulting in its success!


Art Competition

During Maths Week, Year 7 and 8 Art classes joined in the Maths Week fun, creating cityscape artworks based on the digits of Pi. Over the week some great artworks were produced and three of the best were chosen to receive prizes, presented at the Friday assembly – Congratulations to Jayden Miotello, Cameron Day and Angus Jack. Thank you to the Art staff and all the boys that got involved and joined in the Maths Week activities!

Pi Pie

To join in the cross-curricular Maths Week fun, Mrs McDonald (Food Technology) kindly baked a Pi Pie to be shared by the Mathematics staff at lunch to celebrate the week. The pie was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! Thank you to Mrs McDonald!


Maths Week 2020 culminated with a whole school assembly, led by the prefects from the Academia Portfolio. The assembly was a great way to wrap-up Maths Week, with the Pi Recital, awarding of prizes for various competitions and fun facts and tricks presented. The real highlight of the assembly was a performance by RHYTHMetric, singing his hit ‘The circle song – Circler’. Many of the boys at St Edward’s were very familiar with this song, having heard it in class and using it over the years for their own learning. The assembly was very excited to see RHYTHMetric and he did an amazing job! Thank you to Mr Ritchie’s evil twin for coming and topping off what had already been a great week!

Thank you to the Academic Portfolio, in particular the Year 12 boys, for their organisation in the lead-up to and during Maths Week. Thank you to all of the Mathematics faculty for their efforts throughout the week, running activities at lunch, organising workshops, running Pi recital trials and in general, promoting the whole week. Thank you also goes to Mrs Evans and the Art Faculty for running the Pi Cityscapes Art Competition and Mrs McDonald for baking the delicious Pi Pie. Without everyone’s contribution, the week would not have been as much fun as what it was!

Maths Week will be back in 2021!

Lachlan Butt
Leader of Learning – Mathematics