Maths Week
Maths Week Student Report by Alejandro Murdoch, College Prefect

During Week 7, St Edward’s College celebrated Maths Week with a number of activities and competitions hosted in the Library as well as maths puzzles in the Daily Notices. On Monday students participated in Kahoot, a series of maths questions, with prizes for participation and winners. On Tuesday the activity was Bingo, every student filled in a sheet with random answers, if they solved the maths question on the board and had that number they could tick it off, first to four in a row won. Wednesday’s competition was blackjack and roulette, students were taught to play blackjack and roulette by Mr Samiya. The final activity on Thursday was the Rubix Cube, students had a chance to compete for the fastest times in completing the cubes, with some times below a minute.

Throughout the week a series of maths puzzles were given via the Daily Notices, students submitted their answers to the library and the correct answers were drawn out in a raffle. The first two winners received canteen vouchers and the third received a gift voucher.

The week was very enjoyable and great fun. Thanks to the Academia Portfolio, the Library Staff and the Maths department for organising and running the week.