Managing Video Games Free Webinar
Managing Video Games and the Next Digital Craze – Free Webinar



When it comes to kids and video games there’s so much for parents to learn. Why are kids so fascinated? How to manage the next craze? How to assess a game’s suitability for your kids?  And there are so many decisions you have to make as a parent when your kids become interested in the video game craze. Should you ban your child or young person? What’s the best approach to take? When should you worry?

Join parenting and technology expert Martine Oglethorpe for a practical 60 minute webinar addressing the issues you need to know about. Martine will step back from the headlines, address the current myths and share the latest research on the effects of gaming on young people today. This is sure to be a fascinating webinar, designed to help you feel confident negotiating the murky world of kids’ video games.

Listeners will Learn

  • the latest research about the impact of video games on children and young people
  • guidelines to help you ascertain whether or not a game is safe and appropriate for your child
  • how to manage your child’s use when “everyone else is allowed” to play video games
  • practical tips and strategies to help kids keep video use under control
  • the discussions you should be having with kids about video gaming
  • how to effectively communicate limits and boundaries around gaming use with your child or young person


Thursday 13 September 2018 between 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm


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