Literacy and Numeracy – NAPLAN

In May this year all Year 7 and Year 9 students participated in the paper version of NAPLAN, for Literacy and Numeracy.

NAPLAN assesses Writing, Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy.

The information from your son’s results will inform staff at St Edward’s about the future direction of teaching and learning in Literacy and Numeracy, for the school and individuals, as well as informing parents about the progress of their son.

It is anticipated that the results will be released to St Edward’s College sometime in September to mid October, these results will then be posted to parents. Families are asked to please ensure that address details are up to date at school.

Should you wish to discuss your son’s results, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Lisa Alcorn, Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator


NAPLAN Online Readiness Test 2018

In 2017, St Edward’s participated in a School Readiness Test for the anticipated NAPLAN Online 2018. We were not selected by NESA to complete NAPLAN Online in 2018, however, it is anticipated that all schools who did not participate in NAPLAN Online 2018 will complete NAPLAN Online from 2019 onwards. To support the change, all schools have been directed by NESA to complete a further Online Readiness Test in order to prepare for NAPLAN Online 2019.

Students in Year 7 and Year 9 will be participating in an Online Readiness Test during the week commencing 27 August, 2018.

The Online Readiness Test is not a test to assess student performance. It is a test to assess the technical capabilities of the school to deliver NAPLAN Online 2019. Reports will not be issued for student performance.

For further information on NAPLAN Online 2019 please view the attached link.


HSC Minimum Standards

Earlier this year, some students in Year 10 completed tests for the HSC Minimum Standards.  The level required by NESA to award the HSC Certificate is Level 3.  Please see the link below for further information


Some of our students obtained this level through participation in NAPLAN 2017, receiving band 8 or higher, and these students did not have to sit for the HSC Minimum Standards in 2018. In future, NAPLAN results will have no bearing on the HSC Minimum Standards.

Many other students sat for the HSC Minimum Standards early in Term One and have reached the required standard. For other students, still yet to reach Level 3, there will be many opportunities to meet the standard. The opportunities are offered twice a year and can be continued to be offered up to five years after the start of the first HSC Course.

Currently, teachers are assisting those students who are yet to obtain Level 3, by providing lessons and activities to improve their understanding in Literacy and Numeracy.