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Literacy and Numeracy – Education Perfect Championships
Education Perfect Championships

From 12 to 19 June, our students competed against each other and other students across the globe, displaying their Numeracy skills.

Each student had the opportunity to compete online. The students who participated at St Edward’s completed 72,698 questions! Our highest point scorers with over 3000 points each devoted over 14 hours to achieve “Gold Level” status.

Our congratulations go to our highest ranked students:

1st – Jonty Woolford Year 7

2nd – Zane Grady Year 8

3rd – Bryn O’Grady-Cousins Year 8

These outstanding young men will be presented with certificates and prizes at an upcoming assembly.

Further from these outstanding results, students at St Edward’s also participated in 2018 Central Coast Year 7 – 10, Term 2 Science Study and Revision Challenge, through Education Perfect.  The competition focused largely on scientific concepts, specific to each year level with literacy as a feature of the Challenge.

St Edward’s Science Study Challenge produced a grand total of 70,214 answered questions! We definitely have emergent scientists at St Edward’s, building upon science concepts and literacy in science.

Education Perfect is available to all students in Years 7-10 for English, French, Mathematics, Science and Human Society and Its Environment. Students can use this platform, anywhere in the world, where an internet connection is available.  Below are some listed features of this useful tool that your son has access to.


  • Content has been built to follow the New Zealand and Australian curriculum, with teachers being able to work with Education Perfect subject experts to further customise content to match their teaching needs.
  • Multiple testing modes to improve understanding, recall and higher-order thinking.
  • Touch Device Compatible – iOS and Android applications available.
  • Teachers receive reports showing which areas of the curriculum students found most difficult, so they can tailor their teaching to areas needing attention.
  • Enabling a “flipped classroom”, students can come to class familiar with the content, allowing teachers to spend more time on advanced topics.
  • Differentiated learning – every student can be working on a different task according to their strengths and weaknesses, and teachers can track their progress and achievement.

Each student can log in and show their parents/carers what Education Perfect looks like for them and how they can gain skills in the subject, develop their understanding of literacy and numeracy across their studies.